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Zionist Criminal Agents Orchestrate Florida Parkland Shooting Hoax for Gun Control

Make no mistake the Zionists are up to their old dirty tricks, not so old, in fact, perpetrating yet another Florida-based gun control hoax. This is the so called Parkland High School shooting rampage, one that actually never occurred, as is obvious from a careful review of the evidence. It is all so treacherous to the extreme, how the DHS and its support systems leverage former real-life events, those few mass shootings which have occurred, acting out actual fake events and calling them real.

Sure, it happened, right: absolutely – right on Valentines Day (aka the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre). Additionally, people were so casual about it that the carried their balloons all about despite the horror that purportedly unfolded:

Image result for images; shooting; broward county; parkland school wounded; injured; florida

The Sheriff, Scott Israel, said so, thus, it must be real:

Israel said that Cruz had an AR-15 type weapon, and countless magazines in his possession.

Where are those countless magazines, and where are all the spent bullets – and where are all the deceased students? Yet, even so, what a wonderful coincidence it is that this suits, ideally, the arch-Zionist agenda of undermining guns rights: the Feinstein, et al., plot to take out semi-automatic weapons.

Moreover, as is the routine, the entire world has been fully bamboozled by what is nothing other than a fake and a hoax. There is no substantiation for this as a real event. Florida is a staging ground for hoaxes: a multitude of them, including the previous gay bar fake and also the Ft. Lauterdale Airport shooting fraud.

It was a drill. There is no other possibility. People are too casual. They are simply having too much fun. There could not have been any real bloodshed, here.

Image result for images; shooting; broward county; parkland school wounded; injured; florida

Is this the way real gunshot victims would be treated, with the legs allowed to be hung off the gurney. It’s also the standard one shoe on, one off, imagery.

One student said, for instance, “After the fire alarm got pulled and kids started evacuating, I heard five pops.” Does anyone really believe this could be a coincidence where a shooter just happened to be there during this drill to shoot down some 25 people? The student added, “I go, that’s not a drill, like, we never did a drill like that.” And again, “When we started evacuating, I knew it was more than a drill, because we’ve never done that.”

A teacher,  named Melissa, in response to the Zionist-installed reporters, asking if she was a teacher and was there that day said:

I was, and we went to evacuate, as if it was a fire-drill, and we got…15 or 20 steps out of the classroom, and we were told we were on (inaudible), and we ran back inside to the classroom, and dropped down on the floor..and we were hidden in the closet.”

She added, “This is the type of situation–we just had a training about this about six weeks ago…if we hadn’t had that training, it could have been a lot worse. In fact, a lot of us probably thought that this was the drill, that we were supposed to have this semester to practice. And it wasn’t; it was a real event.”

Zionist agent Cooper on behalf of Psyops (CNN) News then asked: “You’re friend who said that he/she saw bodies, did she say how many bodies she saw?” The teacher responded, “She said she saw three.”

She also said, “This is one of those worst ‘nightmare scenarios’ that you would never want to happen to you,” and

“Our society’s inability to (inaudible) this problem is totally unacceptable,” prompting the anchor to respond, “It’s pretty clear, here, that we are failing our kids, and, I don’t know, the solution is one or another, but this does not obviously happen in other societies like it is happening, here.”

Once again, it is highly suspect that in the midst of these purported fatalities the arch-political anti-gun argument would surface.

Immediately, there was a media rampage against semi-automatic weapons, the AR-15, once again, being targeted.

No one can believe this is real. Look at this. Look at these men in (somewhat casual) firing pose. Yet, there are by-standers left unguarded, unprotected, taking photos and chit-chatting with law enforcement. Why aren’t they taking cover? The police are doing so.

There can be no doubt that this is a sham and is, in fact, a scheme to perpetrate treachery against the inalienable rights of the people, once again, perpetrated by the Zionist criminal mob, just as it has done in Australia, England, and Europe. All the global Zionist agents are in full-force to establish this as a real shooting. It isn’t. It’s merely yet another DHS-orchestrated fraud.



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  1. Come ‘‘new readers’, meet your resident disinfo agent Cowboy!

    His posts are so prolific and wide ranging that it is not often possible to make sense of it. So for your benefit, I’ve prepared a summary of his recent ‘truther’ ‘research’:

    – Posted numerous tweets in US Pacific time rather than in Eastern US time and claimed that this was ‘hard proof’ that certain individuals had advanced knowledge of crimes several hours before said crimes occurred (disproven)
    – dishonestly edited the obituary of a man, in an effort to provide ‘hard proof’ that the family were name-changing arch zionists crisis actors, removing information that the deceased was a Christian, an avid hunter, a life member of the NRA and a Republican Committee contributor (characteristics not typical of zionist crisis actors but ones he admires and suggestive of a family that might carelessly allow a 14 year old access to a firearm which was then used to shoot up his school thereby busting his hypothesis)
    – failed to read a name caption on a photograph and wrongly claimed that the victim of a shooting was actually the shooter and then absurdly tried to claim that the victim was a crisis actor playing both the role of the shooter and the victim (disproven)
    – claimed that the victim of the above crime was in fact a bodybuilder from Kentucky based on a single image in which the two looked nothing alike, but had similar ‘nipples’
    – using an obscure photograph the source of which is unknown, claimed to have located one of the Dunblane massacre victims alive, well and living in Australia
    – confused Austria with Australia
    – accused two women of being men based on his opinion of their appearance
    – claimed that Jews are systematically involved in the torture and ritual murder of non-jewish children internationally, over hundreds of years
    – claimed that the woolly mammoth is a hoax (an elephant with hair)
    – claimed dinosaurs are a hoax (deduced from reading Childcraft Encyclopedia)
    – repeatedly claimed that space travel is a hoax and flip flopped on the reality of rockets
    – enthusiastically espoused a theory that the earth is flat and in doing so claimed that engineers receive no training in how to calculate curvature of the earth when building major works (disproven)
    – suggested that the sun and moon are scientific hoaxes
    – unjustifiably and angrily accused multiple opposing voices of being a single poster named Gabriel. Now new readers, watch him come back here and call me a ‘zio trannie, homosexual and pervert liar Gabriel” for simply posting these facts. (I am not Gabriel)

    Cowboy’s ‘thruths’ are only limited by his fruitful imagination and his opinion alone forms the evidence base for all of them.

    Perhaps you ‘new readers’ actually agree with some or all of the above assertions. If so, you should hang around and assist this fool by providing the empirical evidence he is so incapable of supplying on his own. Alternately, you may wish to join me and others in ensuring he is held accountable for this profuse pattern of lies and disinfo.

    “Everything I posted above here is off the top of my mind”- Cowboy March 3 2016.

    • – thinks “gravity” is a hoax..

      -Thinks Michael Jackson, Prince, and many many others faked their deaths.

      That’s our Cowboy!!

    • Tell us all what exactly you found to be believable in the tale as it was presented by the media?

  2. Welcome back Doc I filled the village well with wetness just waiting for your return

  3. “jimstonefreelancer” currently suggesting that its a false flag …….. so is Alex Jones….

    • yeh…..wht-evr;
      the fact-of-the-matter is that less and less people now b’lv what the main-stream media is reporting….
      i seen a study a whiles back which said that the av. demographic for CNN was 75+ yr-old people;
      i dunno why they even bother any more [?]
      why bother reporting these “incidents” ?
      most people won’t believe it any-way…
      they should just ‘stick’ to the sport and the weather…..

      • sez you!

  4. Too many things are NOT shown for this to be a real shooting. Fraud……again

    • The FL hoax school shooting is just one of hundreds that are planned to scare you. Its all about gun-control.

      The fake shooting was done by government agents inside the school. Cruz is just the patsy they ”arrested” afterwards. All patsies are either immediately killed or disappear into the Federal prison scene.

      The USA is psyops central of the Universe.

        • eh………seen a LiveLeak on the FL shooting being a ‘hoax’ ;
          what a bunch of toe-rags they had in the comments section…..
          they all ‘came across’ like (dot)gov G-men with their “tin foil hat” bone-pointing…..
          you hardly ever see that on YouTube…….most of the comments on there are decidedly anti-media and anti-(dot)gov and don’t believe the official party line…..
          what gives what those LiveLeak dead-shitz? ….. maybe its some of the effin’ “crisis actors” jumping on there, eh?!?

          • Agree 100%! Shill central on liveleak comments. This shirt is so obvious but the sheep still dead asleep…

      • Just another blurry fvideo that shows nothing and just blanks in the background you dumb ***!

        • Video shows plenty. Now YOU prove that those gunshots were blanks.

          • Video shows dumb *** teenagers acting terribly. All these shootings are fake. Everyone of them has around the same number of victims with the same weapon always being an ar 15, not no other gun. There is also photographic proof of teachers that played dead that were seen at their own fake funeral.

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  6. Same casual bystanders by cover-taking cops that we saw in Vegas. These exercises are pretty much cookie cutter using standard practices for crisis simulation.

  7. I don’t believe the Sandy Hook shooting was real, nor the Boston bombing, nor the Orlando nightclub shooting, based on numerous photos and statements made by law enforcement officials and hospital personnel, as well as other compelling evidence (for example it appears Sandy Hook wasn’t really an operating school, among other strange things). If I were basing my opinion of this event strictly on the news, I’m not sure I would believe it either, especially since they are trotting out some of the same “victims assistance” people who were allegedly involved in the Orlando nightclub shooting, which I strongly believe to have been a hoax. However I happen to know this event IS real because I have a family member who attends this school and witnessed the events herself; furthermore she remembers the shooter kid from her freshman English class – he asked if she wanted to see something, pulled out his backpack, and showed her a dead bird in it. She says he wasn’t allowed to bring his backpack to school at some point because he would bring “dead things” in it (not guns). It’s disappointing that there is no mention of this on the news; this kid had many more issues than JUST a fascination with weapons. It’s also disappointing to hear the “if you see something, say something” mantra over and over again, as if it’s blaming his peers/victims for not telling anyone how weird he was. Meanwhile adults and the school system DID know he was a problem (how many kids are forbidden to carry a backpack and are expelled from 2 schools). The problem is that obviously not enough was done to address it. Regardless, this kind of article implying that the event didn’t even happen, with no supporting evidence whatsoever, in my opinion is yet another kind of crime against society. Make no mistake this is written by a sociopath whose goal is to undermine society and rational thought. This author doesn’t just deserve ridicule, but true suspicion that they themselves are a terrorist.

    • Ok, Im sorry but you, seeing as how you claim that the Sandy Hook shooting, the Boston Bombing, and the Orlando Nightclub shooting, with no evidence, dont get to say its a crime against society, because you, you hypocritical ***, are no better than the author of this false news article. And I would love to hear how Sandy Hook was not an operating school, cause i dont know how I had friends who were related to the victims of dead elementary school students, who were in a non operating school, so please enlighten me.

      • yeh… i knew some-one who was there…yeh, right!
        just EFF off, youse lying toe-rags!

        i knew this bloke who used to live next door to this other bloke whose Aunty knew a bloke whose brother-in-law’s third cousin lived just down the road from this old bloke whose next door neighbour used to work with a bloke whose uncle was there and seen it all!


      • No you don’t you **** *** liar as all the dead kids from sandy hook were all seen alive with photographic proof to back it up after the shooting. One of the girls that played one of the dead girls is tony hawks daughter.

    • Dude your an idiot if you no sandyhook was fake which it was so is this

  8. Im sorry but you all are fucking crazy, and I would LOVE you to try and tell these bullshit facts to the families of the victims of any of these horrific school shootings or any terror attack that NoFool claims to be all hoax’s, and watch how fast they beat your ***. You people are THE MOST TOXIC PEOPLE I HAVE EVER MET. The families have enough going on right now, and dont deserve to see this absolute human trash built up. The author of these comments as well as this “news article” should be absolutely ashamed of themselves, you all disgust me

    • There called crisis actors playing their part. It’s all to help push the ban on gun control. Even actors and some of the children from sandy hook came out and admitted to it being a hoax.

      • Please post where these “crisis actors” admitted to playing a part. Otherwise you’re just making **** up.

  9. Cowboy you have too many dead brain cells like a dead car battery/

  10. Why is Trump going along with this false shooting?

  11. Amazing, all the DHS BOTS out in full force-Parkland Shooting is just one more in a long line of CHARADES by the ZIO NWO TRAITORS, once again crisis actors, no blood, drills, etc. all the hallmarks of these FAKERIES,
    if FEINSTEIN and the other DUAL ISRAELI TRAITORS have their way and deprive us of the ability to resist NWO TYRANNY that’s when 1984 really begins-ushering in a new era of HUMAN SLAVERY with the ZIONISTS your MASTERS

    JEWS, ISRAEL, DID 911 :

    • Well said, and yes, Zionist-controlled Craft is the culprit.

  13. To “Christinne”: Here is what Israeli Rabbis have, to say about the drug dealing cult, of Chabad Jews :
    To “Not A Terrible Person” ; I suspect that you may be a Terrible Person…
    The permit, for the D.C. march, protest, was secured LONG BEFORE THE SHOOTING TOOK PLACE, because the permit had to be applied for 180 days before closing of roads, from all traffic…..These Staged Events are perpetrated against us by the same neo-con Jews’ cabal, that did 911, & yes, they do want our guns :

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