Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 07 July 2016
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The Zionist Criminal Enterprise Which is ISIS

The entire ISIS entity, all that it represents and all that it perpetrates, is nothing than a Zionist Jew-orchestrated criminal enterprise. The front person for this enterprise is hard-core, extremist Zionist Jew Rita Katz. Make no mistake about it through that Mossad front SITE Katz has established as her entire purpose a malicious war against Islam. In this regard she seeks to blame terror acts, as well as false flag attacks and terror hoaxes, directly upon Islamic people and their religion, while the actual perpetrators are extremist Jews and their collaborators. This post proves beyond any possible doubt that this is the case.

After viewing this wretched one in action, who can doubt that for all of world Jewry the categorical target is Islam.

It is SITE which has created that litany of arch-fake beheading and ‘burning alive’ videos, all to make the faith of Islam appear demonic.

All such videos are fake with absolutely no fatalities or beheadings occurring, at least not in these cases. Consider the degree of effort placed by the Zionists to demonize Islam. It is a most extensive, extremist, effort. No one can ever know about the sophisticated, grand nature of this system, since it is constantly under siege by the arch-hedonistic, terminally corrupt world Zionist cabal.

In yet another most incredible image the Mossad-created ISIS logo is found to occur on a police car, in this case, in Mosul, demonstrating the extensive degree of this hideous scheme by world Jewish powers:



It is merely a proof that the Zionists have long ago fully corrupted this city, fully overtaking it: fully infesting it, while disguising this as if it is so-called Muslim radicals which are behind it.

The image with the police car represents the purported hostage taking of John Cantile. Who is this individual?


An embedded journalist for the Zionists, Cantile appeared in a number of videos with various pro-Israeli ISIS mercenaries. He also appeared in a magazine attributed to ISIS fighters, called Dabiq:


He is nothing other than a Zionist agent. There can be no other possibility. What is he doing writing for this Internet magazine? The magazine itself is a hoax, an absolute fraud: an arch-Jewish production, where Islamic people have nothing to do with it. Moreover, it is all staged by the globalist spy agencies, in this case the Israeli Mossad, along with its collaborators in the fully Zionist-infested CIA.

After all, ISIS, which stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service operates not out of any Islamic domain but, rather, directly from the Zionist entity itself, directly from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem:


Sure, ISIS would take over all religious sites. After all, it is run strictly by Zionist Jews. The Dabiq Magazine is an invention of Jews, not Muslims.

Within the magazine are multiple claims of responsibility for attacks on Western countries, including, incredibly known hoaxes such as the Boston Smoke Bombing Hoax, the Charlie Hebdo fraud, the Brussels hoax aiport attack, and the San Bernardino fraud. This proves that Dabiq is nothing other than a Zionist mouthpiece:  “not only did they leave behind their comfortable lifestyle, but prior to the operation they left their baby daughter in the care of others knowing that they likely wouldn’t see her again in this life.”

This is mere gibberish, that is the gibberish of the Mossad. There is no possibility that Islamic people wrote such nonsense.

ISIS is the Mossad. If Muslims have been bamboozled into joining it, so be it.

The Brussels fake has been heavily leveraged by this Mossad clique as evidence of Islam as the source of terror, even though it is now fully proven that it was a fake. Nevertheless, here it is, ISIS itself, claiming it as a proof of its supposed reach, its ability to supposedly target ‘soft’ Western targets through (non-existent) terror.

Here are the arch-fake Brussels (non-existent) bombers, who Dabiq praises as so-called Islamic warriors. What an arch-Zionist hoax it is, as there was no terrorist attack at this airport, the entire affair being staged, just like the 7/7/2005 London Tube phony terror attack.

Najim Laachraoui Mohammed Belkaid Isis

The magazine ran obituaries of four Islamist militants, involved in the 22 March attacks, in a piece entitled The Knights of Shahada in Belgium.

Sure it is, right, very legitimate, Islamic Knights. Who in the world believes such nonsense? The fact is no Islamic group would identify themselves with Crusader elements such as knights: absolutely inane.

In fact, the smiley, smirking man is exceedingly suspect. Known as Najim Laachraoui, the individual actually worked at the Brussels airport for some five years. Moreover, his brother is on highly friendly terms with the Israelis, in fact, won a major competition there, saying as an honored guest for nearly a week:



It can be no coincidence that this athlete, Mourad Laachraoui, along with in all likelihood his entire family gained full entrance to the Zionist strip, then, a mere few months later an element of it, one of the sons, participates in a terror hoax. No doubt, the fake bomber Laachraoui is nothing other than a crisis actor, with the rest of his family running cover for him:


Brussels was an arch-fake, where no one died and no one was injured, while Islam was, once again, maliciously blamed:




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    Watch this Happy Hoax Crisis Actor-False Witneds-Paid Liar Trying to hide his smile…Until he just can’t hold back a full smile anymore! He got paid & nobody Died in Minnesota, Louisiana or Texas! But this is not just another PsyOp! It’s 3 PsyOps In One PsyOp & a major escalation in the zionist media & DHS’s Race War & Cops Vs Blacks Series of PsyOps!


  2. Cop Sniper Shooting I Meant

    • Your blog? You mean that infantile rant that you’ve been discussing with yourself?

  3. Ex C) Dallas Cops Sniper Murder PsyOp In Hoax Revenge for Twin Cities, MN & Baton Rouge Hoax Murder Shootings by Killer Cops!
    Twin Hoaxes & Triple Hoax PsyOps altogether! Complete Psychological Warfare Terror Waged In Treason Against the American people! Zio DHS RaceWar & Blacks vs Cops Agendas Escalated Massively in 3 days by the Zionist Psychopaths!


    • You should not have to be schooled on the rules of this website. After so long here you should understand them. They are really quite simple:

      White man shoots black guy = hoax
      Black man shoots white guy = real
      Muslim kills anyone = hoax
      Anyone kills Muslim = real

      Stop it with your disinfo

      • Why don’t you stick to moderating your own comments on that thing you call a ‘blog’. Very funny

        • Stop pretending you know Gabriel’s identity. No one’s buying it.

    • Multiple hoax, Cowboy, indeed!

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  9. Poodoff has taken to leaving messages to himself under different screen names on his own blog and responding to them! As if it couldn’t get more pathetic, he’s also tried to downplay the original blog by covering it with more of the same copy paste he does here. No writing, no creativity just stupidity. Note Echobuster his his handle on RT…

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