Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 31 May 2014
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Zionist Extremist Michael Bloomberg, Dianne Feinstein and the Santa Barbara Shooting Hoax

Clearly, the arch-Zionist moles of moles, Michael Bloomberg and Dianne Feinstein, are behind the Santa Barbara shooting hoax. This is demonstrated through their connection to the entity, Moms Demand Action.

That is a Zionist front. Moreover, it is merely a subdivision of the arch-Zionist gun control ‘organization,’ Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG).

The PR campaign surrounding this false flag act is orchestrated through the Bloomberg-funded entity, through its front group, Moms Demand Action. Even so, they are not moms but, rather, Zionist agents.

It is an arch-Zionist clique funded and supported by those most vile, rabid pro-Israeli agents, Michael Bloomberg and Dianne Feinstein. As the entity is largely housed in California, Feinstein plays a preeminent role:


Clearly, therefore, the Santa Barbara false flag-psyops is not merely a gun control hoax but, rather, a gun confiscation hoax.

Moms Demand Action, he One Million Moms for Gun Control, and Mayors Against Illegal Guns (the Bloomberg-funded clique) are all Zionist-created entities. None of them are legitimate grass roots groups, including the ‘Moms’ entity.

It’s so-called founder, Shannon Watts, is yet another rabid Zionist Jew. She is clearly rabid. It can be seen in her wretched eyes:

Moms Demand Gives Up Pretense of Being Anything Other Than A MAIG Front Group

Shannon Watts, "Founder" of Moms Demand Money From Michael Bloomberg

It was never exactly a secret that the gun prohibitionist cult Moms Demand Action was “astroturf” (a fake grassroots organization) the moment it was revealed that Moms Demand “founder” Shannon R. Watts was a Democrat public relations executive. The cult “joined” Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) just before having to legally disclose who was funding them. Most suspect that the group was conceived by Michael Bloomberg from the very beginning.

NC Gun Blog’s Sean Sorrentino notes that Mom’s Demand has now even dropped the pretense of being anything other than “beards” for Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns:

Take one billionaire former New York City mayor with a Napoleon complex, dress him in drag, and what do you get? “Moms” Demand Action for Gunsense in America. We’ve already been told that Moms Demand has “merged” with MAIG.But did you know that they’ve finally announced that they are just a “campaign” of MAIG? Here’s their “donate” page. Look closely at how they describe themselves and where they ask you to send the checks.

Indeed, this is the language that appears on the Moms Demand donation form:

Please note that contributions to Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, a campaign of Mayors Against Illegal Guns Action Fund, are NOT tax-deductible.

If you prefer, checks made out to Mayors Against Illegal Guns Action Fund may be mailed to:
Mayors Against Illegal Guns
909 Third Avenue, 15th Floor
New York, NY 10022

Gun control groups have been starved to the point of dying in the United States in recent decades, as they fail to find enough funding to support a radical restriction on the basic human right of self-defense. They’re generally supported by a handful of wealthy left-wing foundations, but have little money, influence, or popular support.

MAIG became the preeminent gun prohibitionist group in the nation due to Michael Bloomberg’s funding and the political clout of the various mayors who joined the group, but that clout began to diminish as Bloomberg authoritarian tendencies to control every aspect of people’s lives down to their drink sizes and sugar intake became a detriment, and members of his group started going to jail one after another for assault, bribery, corruption, fraud, and yes, gun crimes.

Mom’s Demand was nothing more than a PR stunt meant to capitalize on unthinking emotionalism, backed by Bloomberg’s deep pockets. Thanks to Bloomberg’s thick wallet, Moms Demand Illegal Mayors won’t likely be going anywhere for a while… though they may eventually wear out their welcome, and resurface under a different name.

Moms Demand Money From Michael Bloomberg has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?



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  1. The Owens article summarised:

    Pro-gun lobbyist disagrees with anti-gun lobbyist.

    What a shock!


    Using the word “therefore” does not absolve one of actually including some logic in the argument. This article needs a rewrite, next time try to include more than just innuendo and speculation.

    • Nothing wrong with the article crackster.
      Must be just something to do with your brain. Like a loose screw.

      • John,

        If you mean the Owens article then, yes I agree. Owens can add his voice to this particular debate, as I believe is his right. The content is partisan, but that is to be expected. My comment was that It doesn’t really break new ground so I didn’t see the point of DrK presenting it as evidence that “the arch-Zionist moles of moles, Michael Bloomberg and Dianne Feinstein, are behind the Santa Barbara shooting hoax.”

        If you mean DrK’s work, then I’ll have what you’ve been smoking!

        “This is demonstrated through their connection to the entity, Moms Demand Action.

        That is a Zionist front. ”

        Evidence please!

        “Even so, they are not moms but, rather, Zionist agents.”

        Don’t Zionists have Moms too?

        DrK then throws the word “Zionist” around a few more times as if it is going out of fashion without establishing any link between the killings in Santa Barbara and the individuals mentioned in the article. The closest he gets is the suggestion that they may have a state in common. But that’s like saying that Ian McKellen is the Queen rather than just a queen as he is British.


        Nothing has been established clearly.


        DrK now wants us to follow him as he links the big vat of nothing that he has proven so far with his next idea.

        “the Santa Barbara false flag-psyops is not merely a gun control hoax but, rather, a gun confiscation hoax.”

        Let’s unpack this. He hasn’t established this as actually being a false flag operation but claims it is, he merely speculates but insists he proves (le mal de DrK) He adds “psyops” to this without establishing any legitimate basis for use of the term, I imagine he thought it would sound better with the embellishment. His stating that this is a “gun confiscation hoax” is sheer sensationalism, even if it were a hoax (not proven) there is no indication that the gun control debate in the US would be abandoned for a gun confiscation policy. His reliance on the Owens article suggests that the debate is alive and well and far from over.

        “None of them are legitimate grass roots groups”

        Per Owens this may actually be true. However the fact that the groups listed are part of the same organization is not evidence of a hoax (Zionist or otherwise).

        “She is clearly rabid. It can be seen in her wretched eyes:”

        This is at best nonsense and at worst misogynistic. I’ll let you decide.

        • For Crankster

          I dare say this site is not here to satisfy your dubious demands!?
          However it’s highly unlikely you and similar would get past a moderator as on many sites, replying with B/S and jargon to other comments.

          You can thank Dr.K and Co for his truly free speech policy.
          And your ill gotten Sheckel pile heap, as a result.

          • John,

            What is your point? That I can’t demand a better quality of work from DrK? That I should show gratitude for free speech by not expressing my dissatisfaction with DrK’s shoddy logic?

            And, as for jargon, your continued reference to “sheckels” is typical Jew-hating jargon. Neither of us are Israeli so drop it. It doesn’t make you look clever, especially when you don’t use one of the correct transliterations of shekel.

          • For the correct crackster

            So what are you demanding full editorial and content control of the site?

            The most obvious reason for your rants is you’re trying to mask accountability or exposure of the ones you defend day in day out ie. the zio elite mobsters and their anti human project to control the world. lock stock and barrel, by killing and destroying who they please.

            Most of the points you raise are downright trivial, splitting hairs.
            It’s well known Zionists Bloomberg and Fiendstein are Israel Firsters and part of project zio.

        • Drk can you advise your comments with respect to the following? I knew something was smelly and wrong. It seems your bogus lies have a long history indeed.

          For full info re this doc please search on net.

          Igram is linked to several pseudonyms, including Dr. Cass Ingram and Kaasem Khaleel, names that appear on websites and in books endorsing very different causes. Dr. Cass Ingram promotes herbal medicinal remedies. Kaasem Khaleel has written books and hosted radio shows that blame the U.S. or Israeli governments for many modern-day tragedies, from the 9/11 terroristacts to the recent Boston Marathon bombings.

          The website, nodisinfo.com, is registered to Khaleel, who sometimes goes by “Dr. K” or uses other spellings of the first name. Igram is an osteopath by training but lost his Illinois medical license in 1999 for “unprofessional, unethical and dishonorable conduct” while trying to charge a woman thousands of dollars for nutritional supplements without her approval, according to the Iowa Board of Medical Examiners, which reprimanded Igram for failing to notify that board that he had run afoul of Illinois law.

          In February, an administrative law judge rejected Igram’s bid to have his Illinois license reinstated. While he remains licensed in Iowa, where he grew up, officials say they are not sure if he practices medicine there.

          Igram also owes the Internal Revenue Service more than $658,000, according to a federal tax lien filed withthe Lake County recorder of deeds. For all his personal and professional troubles, Igram is among the conspiracy theorists who have found the Internet a powerful medium to attract attention and gain followers.

          While his images and writings are easily found online, Igram did not respond to multiple phone calls and emails seeking comment. Attempts to reach him through family members and business associates were also unsuccessful.

          In 2008, the FTC ordered Gray to pay $2.5 million for falsely claiming that wild oregano products are scientifically proven to prevent or treat colds and flu. The products, sold at prices ranging from $29.99 to $69.99, also were credited with boosting the immune system and killing a variety of germs and pathogens, according to the FTC complaint.

          In 1999, Igram ran into regulatory trouble in Illinois and agreed to have his medical license permanently suspended and to pay a $4,000 fine to the state of Illinois.

          According to a complaint filed with the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation, Igram in 1996 charged a woman $300 for a brief medical consultation over the phone. Without seeing the client, he ordered medical laboratory testing for her and her husband. He then attempted to charge her more than$4,000 for nutritional supplements, lab tests and fees, the complaint said. Last June, he petitioned to have his medical license reinstated, saying that he did not understand that the “placement of his license on inactive status was permanent and irrevocable,” according to a court document.

          He also testified that he had spent about $100,000 in attorney’s fees to settle the case. In February, an administrative law judge declined his request.

          You Sir are a fraud and disinfo agent – shame on you

        • What is pilpul?

    • Good God its Morning! Corrector is back up at 6AM with a vengence!

      Why are you here?

      1. To spread nonsense
      2. To spread lies
      3. To spread confusion
      4. To spread misinformation and disinformation
      5. Are insane or very very bored
      6. Paid? you would have to be if you are up at 6am
      7. No job or temp/casual
      8. Jew or not Jew, who cares
      9. a childish person, bully, loser

      If you don’t like the website and info. WHY ARE YOU HERE?

      I think its to make people get thinking…get a rise out of people, make them shift their opinions plus any of the above alone or in combo.




      Everyone on nodisinfo

      • Already addressed on other thread.

        • I enjoy your stuff dude.Been reading for a while.Keep it up man,these people need CORRECTED.

          • Ecky,

            Many thanks. My best wishes to you.

          • Like a scheming snake!

        • Nope, I addressed it up there.

  2. Ugly and creepy women. Their true nature is mirrored in their faces….

    • Christinne,

      That’s awfully shallow of you. Did you not know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder?

      Tell me Christinne, do you believe that people with kyphosis are unlucky?

      How about you post a photo of your face so I can see your true nature, and explain it to you?

      “Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you”

      • You blubbering moron, Kyphosis can happen for a number of reasons. Having had medical schooling, I can tell you that one way is from playing baseball – the use of one side of the body in such force as when you bat can pull the muscles and tendons one way and with them, part of the spine. Day 1 of Anatomy and Physiology of the body. Test: Patient takes shirt off. Bends over and you can see a hump on one side of the back and, as well as palpate it too. Otherwise, there are genetic reason like a friend of mine;s and others.

        • My bad..its late. I meant scoliosis. As for kyphosis ..
          Other potential causes of kyphosis include:

          aging (especially if you have poor posture)
          muscle weakness in the upper back
          Scheuermann’s disease (occurs in children and has no known cause)
          arthritis or other bone degeneration diseases
          osteoporosis (loss of bone strength due to age)
          injury to the spine
          slipped discs
          scoliosis (spinal curvature)

          Less commonly, the following may also lead to kyphosis:

          infection in the spine
          birth defects, such as spina bifida
          diseases of the endocrine system
          diseases of the connective tissues
          Paget’s disease
          muscular dystrophy

  3. How many more Zionist hoaxes will there be, aimed at America’s gun confiscation?

    The Jewish Community Center shooting hoax was a Zionist plot for purposes of absolute control as well as gun confiscation and please read the following NoDisinfo article.


  4. Zionist have been deceiving the world for a long time and they are getting increasingly desperate because more people are waking up everyday to the truth thanks to websites like NoDisinfo.

    Please read the following NoDisinfo article about the greatest hoax perpetrated on people of the world!



      Let Whites and Muslims and Good Jews Live,

      Why on earth are you posting links to this site on this site? There are enough unreliable sites cited here, why add the worst site of all to this list. It is like a dog **** on top of an already unappetizing cake.

      • Take your multi cult ashkenazic bullshit and get the **** out!

        • INcorrector,

          You don’t want me gone, I just gave you a reason to post. You have now validated your existence.

          What is “multi cult” or “ashkenazic” about me? Or are they just your special words for “bad man”?

          I’ll be here a little while longer thanks.

          • You and your cohorts are agents…ashkenazic agents doing damage control. I guess your protocols will reveal who you are.. You and your kind! I know you are an agent!

          • Incorrector, The Corrector is spot on re his points in this post. It is silly to just make statements in support of a position with such little/ no evidence, as in this case. Fancy drawing any conclusion based on how someone looks or just there eye’s.

            If there is proof about a matter then fine, set it out in a logical way and let the readers make there own minds up. The Corrector is doing a good service to this website by pointing out flaws very politely in the hope of getting more factual stories. In this way this site will have some credibility rather than showing such a strong bias without evidence.

            It is crazy remarks without proof that provide ammo to those that would wish to control the web using hate speech as their motive. There certainly exists many posts that would qualify on this site to back up this position. Better to stick to stories that have solid evidence then just putting out posts without solid evidence or just keep the biased comments out of it, leaving the reader to determine truth.

            I hope you can see this position as useful and food for thought.

            Good luck

          • David you are doing a huge disservice. Now leave.

          • David and the Correcter sure have similar style, you two know each other ?

          • Best way is just to ignore him. He makes the site lose focus and the important topics get lost.

            IGNORE THE CORRECTOR dipshit troll

      • Corrector – I admire the way you dismantle each of these asinine assertions with your spot-on logic and cutting wit. You have these nitwits in a tizzy. It’s funny watching them squirm as they fumble to respond with anything remotely intelligent. It’s true — the pen is mightier than the sword. Please don’t stop — your commentary is even funnier than the Jon Stewart show.

        • Either The Corrector has multiple personalities or these are a few of the stupidest trolls on the net! Sanjay, David, odonobsfjslj whatever the hell the last one is named, …all the same person. The Corrector has found a new way to post, I mean troll.

  5. Singer says Santa Barbara Fake Mass Murder Shooting Event was all a big hoax. Correct. ..To disarm Americans… Correct


  6. We again thank all of you for giving us the credible and now irrefutable evidence that we need to prosecute the pending lawsuits against the SANDY HOOK SCAMMERS, still going strong (screwing up royally?) in SANTA BARBARA.

    The first pre-litigation DEMAND LETTER / NOTICE of INTENT TO SUE is being prepared – summonses and complaints to follow if they don’t “come to the table” after a reasonable time.



    Here’s one of the press release announcements going WORLDWIDE, with the MIDTOWN MANHATTAN http://www.Craigslist.org ad, which you can copy and use for ads in your area (www.Craigslist.org and elesewhere).

    Press release:

    ” Here’s the MIDTOWN MANHATTAN listing for Wednesday’s SANDY HOOK SCAM and COVER-UP PRESENTATION at http://www.TalkShoe.com/tc/125501 – LEGAL INFORMATION and STRATEGY SESSION II re” pending lawsuits against the SANDY HOOK SCAMMERS, at


    Now you can simply copy and paste this into forums of your choosing, and/or your local http://www.CraigsList.org forum . ”

    Thank you all again !

    BD, CD, et. al. for CT GLOBAL at http://CT-Global.webs.com and CT AMERICA

  7. Incorrector,

    David is clearly on your side and trying to explain to you why your position damages your credibility.

    My feelings towards you are less kind.

    Your problem (and a problem with contributors to this site in general) is that you assume all criticism is trolling. David has supplied some very constructive criticism. My posts are often constructive but I have no concern about being more robust when necessary. I can understand why some people would want me to leave, I write without fear of offending because I see that the general content of the site is written in the same manner. I stay because there is a heavy miasma of groupthink hanging over this site and I feel that a counter point is necessary. You asking David to leave is an indication that you have absolutely no interest in considering a reasonable and polite point that does not suit your existing opinion. This shows the importance of David’s contribution so far and, by extension, similar posts on other threads (not solely my posts).

    • Definition of “The Corrector”

      Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people,[1] by posting inflammatory,[2] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[3] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.[4]

      You know Corrector, that your posts have usually always from the beg. been insulting, bullying, childish, etc. etc. types of remarks ending in cu next sunday…if that is Not Trolling then I don’t know what is. All of it was meant to PROVOKE.

      If you were merely posting your comments and thoughts that were different than other’s why not do it in a mature manner?

      I don’t believe or care for anything you have to say particularly bc its how you say it.

      No one does actually.

      Plenty of people offer differing views and many are regarded by Dr.K.

      So, I call BS on you.

  8. Spyvspy,

    No, I don’t know David.

    Do you really believe that there is only one person who disagrees with DrK?

  9. What i discovered, if correct ( use computer photo recognition someone!) is that the black-haired woman with glasses to the right of Feinstein in the photo at the very top of this page of Bloomberg/Fenstein’s “Moms Demand Action” gun confiscation group
    definitely appears to be the same black-haired woman with glasses in the below video (who supposedly is a witness of the “gun rampage” )and nudges the other fake witness on her right when the latter gets her lines screwed up! Find out her identity–she is apparently a bigshot in that gun-control group so should be readily id’d– and sue her, her group,etc. for theft/attempted theft of 2nd amendment rights (rights are by law considered intangible property),fraud, etc. Compare to 1 minute vid here): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Yzxv9H-yzM

    and the video is also in the first comment in: https://nodisinfo.com/sadistic-zionist-moles/

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