Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 25 March 2017
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Zionist Extremists and the Staged Westminster Bridge Terror Hoax

It is the Zionists who are directly responsible for the staged, Islamophobic scam and hoax known as the Westminster Bridge (fake) terror attack. Regardless, whenever crisis actors are found, then, this is hard proof of a scam and hoax. Then, too, if there are producers seen on-site, along with stage hands, if, too, there are directors plus props – this is absolute, undeniable proof. Virtually all such proof can be seen in this single video, as follows:


NOTE: Nothing will happen to this Zionist, that is he will be given a free pass.

Why does the world find it so easy to believe in Islamic terror and so-called Islamic extremism, when the obvious source of extremist acts are murderous plots by Zionist Jews? What does Islam have to do with any of it? The murderous, destructive wars of modern times all originate from rabid, extremist Zionists, including that arch-treacherous one, that deviant of deviants, David Rockefeller, may God condemn his soul.

Thus, once again, so-called Islamic extremism has nothing to do with it. Rather, this globe is filled with great acts of horror and terror committed by Islam’s enemies, which are hostile, bloodthirsty Zionist agents.

Regardless, the timing is suspect. It coincides with the various US presidential scandals as well as a major one involving Israeli Zionists. This is in respect to the arrest of a Zionist network of criminal element responsible for violent threats against Jewish institutions. That news broke just after this scam, Mar. 23:

Israeli Cybercrime Police Arrest Israeli-American Teen for ‘Hundreds’ of Bomb Threats Against Jewish Centers Worldwide

Rather than a mere isolated act this was a systematic plot on behalf of the Zionist powers. It was surely endorsed at the top levels by the illicit Israeli Zionist government. So, all this distraction of rampant anti-Semitism derives directly from Zionist Jews themselves. It is all a plot to create hate among the people, to create divisiveness, to instill fear, and to cause hostility among the various cultures.

Now, here are screen shots showing the staging and hoaxing, which is beyond dispute. Notice the woman in the red shoes. She is looking towards a staging agent for directions. So are the other two people standing up:

He didn’t just post a photo. It was Sikorski himself who was on the bridge taking the video, then uploading it:

Who is this fabricator, R. Sikorski? He is a Rockefeller/Rothschild mole associated with the arch-murderous CFR and various other pro-Zionist US-based front-groups:

In addition, he is married to one of the most extremist Zionist Jews known, Anne Applebaum. It is Applebaum who through her schemes is attempting to ‘prep’ the American public for a murderous war against Iran:

The fact that husband Sidorski is there spreading lies on behalf of his masters and in support of his extremist wife is no coincidence. As well, it is just as in Nice and Munich, where, once again, rabid, extremist Zionist agents were right on site, doing the dirty work.

Back to the staging. Notice how the woman in the red shoes moves over to the left screen, while the other man, following instructions, acts like he is using his cell phone. All these people are following directions from the producers. The lone shoe is a standard in these arch-Zionist/Masonic scams.

In the sophomoric nature of this fraud the woman was moved over to the staging element, the pylon:

Meanwhile, it was all being filmed by yet another Zionist mole. Notice how they are all following directions, surrounding what appears to be either a crisis actor or a dummy.

In this case it is obvious that it is a real person faking it as if he is injured. Meanwhile, once again, notice all the people looking about for directions regarding their next moves. Also, notice the bicycle man entering the scene. See also how the pylon points to the crisis actor, as if to point out the proper position. As well, once again, people are instructed to act like they are calling about on their cell phones.

As part of the psyops the sign serves are a marker, in this case for the staging arena where the crisis actors must congregate. Notice also what is seen. It is a child. Why would anyone bring a child into the scene let alone leave the little being in the arena, that is the arena of great danger marred by death and devastation?

To add to the inanity now comes the man with the big orange bag. Why is he so oblivious of the events surrounding him?

It cannot be complete without the hugging pair. They are seen to make good this scene in a number of staged videos. Too, here is the man with the red turban, who will show up later in various videos claiming to be a witness to the ‘carnage.’

In another video this is seen with bobbies yelling and screaming as part of the shuck and awe. They screaming is quite loud and creates a sense of realism and urgency. Yet, upon careful analysis the fraud of this deception is made clear.

It is surely convenient that the bridge is supposed to be closed for repairs in April. Is the Crown taking donations?

He says “Get down, get down, get under cover” but primarily to a few people off screen (if there was even anyone there). Even so, some of his collaborators think it is very, very funny. What in the world are they laughing about?

What about the construction workers? Why does he give them a pass?

They don’t seem to be in a hurry and are surely not running away from anyone. Why doesn’t he have them fall flat on the ground and/or run for cover?

Notice what is seen here. Right in position is an expert camera person, and this is right as soon as all the action occurs.

He’s already in position, just like Sikorski, there in advance, ready to go.

It is completely staged with the Zionists fully being the force behind it. Oh, but wait a minute, it’s just those radical Mooslims. The rest of them are alright. Hey, Muslims, “condemn” this act. What is there to condemn? What should be absolutely condemned are the murderous, warmongering Zionists, including the complicit Mossad agents, including Applebaum and Sikorski. Can anyone imagine it? Islamic people are condemning themselves for acts they had nothing to do with and aren’t even real. How wide-ranging and terminally treacherous is the Zionist reach, as this criminal element creates vast corruption in the land.

It is not funny. This creates great hate against people of color, including Islamic people but also many others, for instance, ‘Islamic-appearing’ others, like Hindus and Sikhs. All are vulnerable to being attacked, punched, harassed, and even killed as a result of these treacherous Zionist plots.




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  1. Ex1-b) Happy Duping Delight Crisis Actors At London Queen’s Head Pub Car Attack Hoax! Puegot Partner EconoBug SUV Van Can’t Go 50 mph around a Corner!

    The high center of gravity short wheelbase SUV woukd flip over at that speed doing a sharp city street turm @ 50mph! Ridiculous Script proves & happy Crisis Actors prove the hoax!!! Also the silly script claims the econo bug SUV ran them over like dominos at 50 mph! Yet it claim they weren’t seriously injured!
    Further the little SUV is injured! No blood! And they 4 Eeevile attempted murderer stopped on the middle of the road & fled on foot from the unwrecked, undamaged little mini SUV!


  2. Disinfo post by Zionist Jew *** boy troll Gabriel..I never posted anything here about piece of $h#t Crypto jew David Rockefeller being in hell! If he really is dead, though, yes like most Satanic psychopaths he is in hell!

    Ziotrash Gabriel posting as)>> Yeshu MARCH 26, 2017 AT 1:12 AM
    Rejoice! David Rockefeller is in Hell right now the Arch Angel Gabriel and his companion The Prophet Cowboy said so:

    • In with love, out with hate Cowboy…out with hate.

      You may find yourself supping at the Devil’s table with all the dead Rockerfellas!

  3. Another Fraudulent disinfo post by Zionist Jew troll Gabriel the pervert posted under my name here as Cowboy…

    (Brokeback *** Gabriel fake version of >>> Cowboy MARCH 27, 2017 AT 4:39 AM
    To the reader. Gutter zio trash and wretched zio Jew Gabriel is a Nodisinfo troll, trolling this site all day and nite to confuse new readers with his hidden Babylonian Satanic agenda. Once again Gabriel you fraudulently steal posters names and pose under your many ridiculous Troll names like Yeshu then Queen Asteroth and Dino Spinetti.
    What is most evil Gabriel is that you post fraudulently under my name here Cowboy. And Gabriel post under your own name if your Man enough you filthy despicable Coward insulting Islam by wishing Mecca to be turned to glass then fraudulently posting under the name Yeshu making out Jesus Christs Father is a Serpent.
    Gabriel zio *** Trannie trash despicable Worm you even posted that Jesus Satan and myself are some how together.
    I would never side with a zio scum like you Gabriel not in a million years.
    Now get behind thee Satan Gabriel.

    Zio trash Trannie *** Gabriel posting under the name Yeshu.
    March 27th 2017 @ 3:02AM.
    “I Am that Great Serpent of old”

    The only Serpent around here Gabriel is you LOL despicable worm.

  4. Ex2) Queen’s Head Pub Islington London Hoax Car & Knife Attempted Mugging & Car RunDown Murder Hoax Gematria 77,777,66,44, 666, 99

    Queens Head Pub English Gematria Equals: 828 AKA 18 aka 6&6&6 aka 666
    Simple Gematria Equals: 138 aka 13+8 =21 aka 7&7&7 aka 777

    Queens Head in Jewish Gematria Equals:428, 4+2+8=14 for 77
    In English Equals: 594, 5&94 is 99 which each 9 can represent a 33 since 9 is 3×3 for dual 33’s — Also 99 can represent 3–33’s and 66 upside down which still represents dual 33’s & also a shortened version of 666 to these Talmudist & ZioFreaks & Higher level freemasons
    In Simple Gematria Equals: 99 same as above!

  5. Ex 01) Cincinnati Pub Hoax Shooting 14 Injured (77Code) & 1 Dead & London Pub Hoax Super 777,33,666,66, etc Coded


  6. Meet Freemason London Bridge Hoax PsyOp Event Crisis Photographer Rothschild’s Lying ActWhore Toby Melville -Reuters Fraudster!


    Freemason Toby Melville Shabbis Got Traitor doing a masonic 33 mile Ultra Run!


    Some Scripted Lies From Rothschild Owned $$$ Traitor Crisis Actorwhore & Photographer Toby Melville the Shabbis Got Freemason enemy of UK People & Humanity:

    “I heard a thud, turned round and there was a man lying about 10 yards away from me,” Reuters photographer Toby Melville recalls, describing the moment a man fell from London’s Westminster Bridge to the pavement below during Wednesday’s attack.

    It had been a quiet afternoon in central London and Melville was taking pictures around parliament for stories about Britain’s exit from the European Union.

    Melville was standing below the bridge on the south bank of the River Thames opposite the Houses of Parliament at around 2:30 p.m. when the man landed near him.

    “There was a lot of blood coming from his head. I thought this must be a domestic or horrible accident,” Melville said.

    “The noisiest part I can remember is the initial thud which I’m sure was the shock in my mind of hearing the bloke landing behind me. It was relatively quiet, in my mind anyway,” he said.

    Melville immediately phoned the emergency services and decided to go to nearby St Thomas’s Hospital to alert doctors about the injured man. He climbed the steps to reach the bridge above, and that’s when he saw other injured women lying on the pavement….Continued

    All here at same Reuters page. Reuters is owned by the Rothschild Zionist Jew Psychopath Genocidal Trillionaire Crime Family!


  7. Ex2) Rothschild’s Crisis Actwhore Toby Melville Photographer Took This Ridiculous Fake Staged Picture of A Dummy Supposedly run over Twice by a Double Decker Bus! I squashed! Not guts! No Blood!

    What a traitorous Fraudster ziopuppet you are Toby Melville! With murderous malintent to murder innocent people in Syria for Greater Israel!


    Can any be run over by a massive double decker bus twice & not have his blood and guts squashed out! Only SuperMan in ZioHollywood movies!

  8. London Bridge Hoax Killer’s Daughter /Crisis Actor Teegan Harvey Found In Australia Marrying Zionist Jew Steven Ziegler!

    She probably is the real daughter of CIA/MI6/Mossad self-proclaimed Rent-a-Journalist Actress Jane Harvey who plays Hoax killer Mossad/ Masood’s wife. NOT REAL DAUGHTER OF Masood/Elms/etc!

    Teegan Harvey aka Teegan This aka Teegan Elms:

    Compare to:


    Jane Harvey Crisis Actor Spook in a scripted fake story in a local with daughter 2010!


    Real Spook Jane Harvey who plays wife as Jane Harvey of Hoax Mossadlim Cartoon Killer Masons


  9. Absolute Proof London PsyOp Rent-A-Reporter Spook Jane Harvey Is Crisis Actor Mossadlim ExWife Jane Harvey!

    Her hair is normally dyed red but here it is blonde with same dark highlights as Hoax Wife (& her makeup is quite different than normal):


    Here she is as blonde Masood Mossadlim Hoax Wife Jane Harvey:


    This is how she normally looks as redhead journalist -actress Jane Harvey:


  10. CIA/Mossad/MI6 Identities of London PsyOp cell team members in Chico, California:



    Jane Elizabeth Harvey
    age 52
    Get Full Report on Jane

    Chico, CA; San Francisco, CA; Fort Bragg, CA

    Alejandro Bermudez, Garcia Bermudez, Martin Bermudez

    Anne & Jane Harvey; Levi Strauss & Co., Mervyn’s & Other Various San Francisco Co’s


    Khalid Masood Has Lived in 1 States

    California Address for Khalid Masood
    480 E P*** A**
    Chico, CA

    Has Lived In
    Chico, CA

    ***This is a cell team with more than one female sharing aliases for confusion.

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    • Well this site has been taking over by idiots for sure. I just posted something major and you morons just post **** like your brains!

  12. Dr K-bot, you missed one

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