Nairobi Hoax Other Hoaxes — 23 October 2013
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Chronicling Anti-Sikh Violence, and Now a Victim

A man of the Sikh faith, Prabhjot Singh, was maliciously attacked the night of the Nairobi false mall attack by a group of thugs. The thugs slurred him, identifying him as a ‘Muslim,’ calling out the the names “Osama” and “terrorist” and then launched an attack.

Note: it is not codified how many people have been attacked as a result of this Zionist crime; a Muslim woman, Somali in background, was apparently assaulted by the same group. It would not have happened if it wasn’t for the Zionist-generated lies:

RNS) Shortly after teenagers beat up a Columbia University physician Saturday (Sept. 21), a Muslim woman was attacked a few blocks away. 

In addition, there was this attacking, where the woman was called a “F—ing terrorist and struck with a poster:

The attack was strictly inspired by the Zionist plot of the re-activation of Islamophobia by the claim that it was Muslim fanatics who attacked and killed dozens of people, including black Africans.

The attackers, as it turns out, were black. Was this a spontaneous vigilante attack by this group inspired by the Zionist-controlled media? Surely, this is the case. Our prayers and support go out to the Dr. and his family.

Michael Appleton for The New York Times

Prabhjot Singh, left, who has written about anti-Sikh attacks, spoke Monday after being assaulted in Harlem over the weekend. He appeared with Amardeep Singh, center, and Jasjit Singh.

By   Published: September 23, 2013

He had written about such attacks: Sikhs assaulted because they were wrongly perceived to be Muslim. But on Saturday night, Prabhjot Singh, a medical doctor and an assistant professor of international affairs at Columbia University, found himself the subject, rather than the chronicler, of such an attack.

A large group of teenagers and young men — as many as a dozen or more, the police said — set upon him as he walked with a friend near the northern edge of Central Park, beating them with their fists and feet in what the police said was a possible hate crime.

For Dr. Singh, 31, who is Sikh, it was an experience whose contours of misidentification, hate and violence were sadly familiar. “Our turban and beard are a trigger for fear in the minds of many Americans,” he said on Monday.

After the Sept. 11 attacks, Sikh men, conspicuous by their turbans, became frequent objects of misplaced anti-Muslim invective around the country. In 2003, three Sikhs were assaulted outside their home in Woodside, Queens, by men who taunted one of the men by calling him “Bin Laden.”

Dr. Singh said that just before the attack began, as he walked on 110th Street near Lenox Avenue around 8:15 p.m., someone yelled out a similar reference. “I heard, ‘Terrorist, Osama, get him,’ ” he recalled. One of the young men, who the police said were between ages 15 and 20, yanked his beard as the assault began.

“I started running,” Dr. Singh said.

But the assailants were on bicycles, the police said, and easily caught him and his companion, a fellow Sikh who Dr. Singh said asked not to be identified. The group punched both men, but “they mostly focused around me,” Dr. Singh said. He fell to the ground and felt kicks and punches to his body and face; his jaw was fractured. The assault ended when pedestrians intervened.

A man shouted at the young men to leave him alone, Dr. Singh said, and a nurse who lived across the street came to his aid. He was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, where he works, and released on Sunday, returning to his home near the scene of the attack, where he lives with his wife and 1-year-old son.

The police said a woman who wore a Muslim head scarf had been taken to the same hospital after being struck in the face by a liquid-filled plastic bottle about three blocks away and a little more than an hour later. The police were investigating whether the two episodes were related.


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  1. The root cause of all these problems everywhere in the planet is Zionism. Zionist Jews are the ones who perpetrate real terror and all forms of hoaxes. Zionist state of Israel controls the US congress, the US military and everything US. This is America’s real problem.

    Former CIA Michael Scheuer: Israel owns the Congress

  2. Experts detail the danger of Israeli lobby in US politics

  3. The Israel lobby in United Kingdom – Peter Oborne

  4. AIPAC: Inside America’s Israel lobby

  5. John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt – The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy

  6. Don’t believe what a Jew will tell you about late German Chancellor Adolf Hitler or former Congressman Dr David Duke.

    Here is a story you may want to examine and learn further

    Myths About the Origin of WWII by Mark Weber []

  7. Deceit, Lies and Propaganda in the World Wars by Mark Weber []

  8. Buddhist Monk from Sri Lanka was attacked by eelam support groups in Tamil Nadu. [RED PIX]. The corrupt Indian Government is silent about this crime.

  9. Zionists operatives are even trying to destabilize this small Island in the Indian Ocean.

    “International News Mafia
    How they distort news reports”

    “For the last 26 years the Tamil Tiger separatists were terrorising 19.7 millions of innocent civilians in Sri Lanka , they planted bombs in Public Buses, Market Places, Temples, Banks, kidnapped children to make them into soldiers, made suicide bombers out of them, and killed a President of Sri Lanka and a Prime Minister of India and many politicians. They became the world’s most ruthless terrorist organisation with the money collected from the Western Capitals. The so called “the democratic western world” even refused to sell any weapons to Sri Lanka and inevitably Sri Lankans became innocent victims of this ruthless terrorism, being unable to protect themselves. Fortunately, some of the Sri Lankans friendly neighbours like China, Pakistan and Iran came in time to rescue them. When the terrorist war is now, coming to an end with the Tamil terrorists being cornered and about to get wiped out, isn’t it strange at all, that the pro terrorist media will bring every accusation possible to discredit the government?.

    “They did it China; they did it in Russia, now they are doing it in Sri Lanka. They do it because they like to destabilise these regions. Now the time has come for the world opinion to reject this terrorist propaganda machinery in the name of Western News Agencies”. A British Citizen of Sri Lankan Origin

    ” Most of the Western News mafia including CNN, Al-Jazeera and specially the BBC of trying to sensationalize civilian hardships by telecasting video clips from LTTE terrorist websites. What the international community including UN agencies and the ICRC should do is to maximize pressure to bear on the Tigers and make them release civilians trapped in the war zone and used as human shields. It was irresponsible not to talk about civilians held in the war zone by the LTTE while making comments that only helped the Tigers”–Sri Lankan Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa said.

    Read more:

  10. Learn about this heartbreaking story about Zionist orchestrated terrorism in Sri Lanka which Sri Lankans erroneously have called “Western Terrorism”. This suicide bombing is very much a Zionist crime which people are not aware of.

    Western Terrorism in Sri Lanka

    This file photo (seen on this page) dated 11 November, 2004 shows Norway’s Foreign Minister Jan Petersen (L) shaking hands with the top Tamil Tiger guerrilla leader Velupillai Prabhakaran in the rebel-held Sri Lankan town of Kilinochchi as Tiger chief peace negotiator Anton Balasingham looks on. Sri Lanka’s government 02 January, 2008 decided to formally end a moribund peace process with Tamil rebels and withdraw from a ceasefire arranged by peace broker Norway, top officials told.

    Is it the West that breeds international terrorism?. Here are the true Facts
    19 civilians killed by LTTE: Colombo

    At least 19 civilians were killed and 75 injured when suspected LTTE cadre opened small arms fire on a group of citizens attempting to cross over to a centre for the displaced in Udayarkattukulam in Mullathivu district early on Tuesday. Human Rights and Disaster Management Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe told a news conference that the Tigers “deliberately targeted” innocent civilians to trigger fear among those trapped in the war zone. The incident, coming a day after a woman suicide bomber targeted a military check-point killing 10 civilians and 20 soldiers, has sent shock waves through political and diplomatic circles. The government and the military view the incidents as a desperate attempt by the Tigers to stop civilians from crossing over from its fast shrinking territory and pressure the government for a ceasefire. .-Full Report-(Hindu -10/02/09)

    The Western backers of Sri Lanka terrorism wouldn’t have believed in their wildest dreams that the Sri Lankan military had the capability of defeating the number one terrorist organization in the world, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). A well-organized, heavily-funded and deadly terrorist outfit that ran a mini state in the northern parts of Sri Lanka has lost its last stronghold and now cornered to a 159 square kilometre area and about to be annihilated virtually ending their 25-year war for a separate Tamil nation in the Sinhalese-majority country.

    They are the only terrorist organization in the world to have an infantry, a naval force and an air wing and were responsible for the largest number of suicide attacks in the world, have used state-of-the-art weaponry, including surface to air (SAM) missiles. But the Western backers are unhappy and call for immediate ceasefire. What in the name of justice can you offer a vicious killers who perpetrated innumerable heinous crimes against innocent human beings of all ages without the least regard for human decency; crimes that were motivated by psychopathic tendencies, in pursuit of impossible claims based on illusions of grandeur?

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  11. Sri Lanka moving beyond LTTE
    Shenali Waduge

    A military solution most say is not an option. The proponents of “negotiations” “ceasefires”, “peace talk” may like to explain the reasons for these failures & why the continued insistence with the same while civilians get killed, soldiers are ambushed & VVIPs get assassinated? That Sri Lanka’a short period of military might has brought a country together to look forward to a time of peace no one can deny. Many would say some 4000 soldiers have perished & more than a double of this number are injured but let us not forget that during “ceasefire Sri Lanka”, “peace talk Sri Lanka” over 10,000 armed personnel were killed for lack of proper equipment, poor Governance & military leadership & let us not forget that 4400 innocent civilians had their lives cut short by the LTTE despite peace talks & ceasefires.

    So those who enjoy eulogizing LTTE terrorists as “freedom fighters” representing Tamils from Sinhala genocide may well do to wonder what their next recourse should be. We now see some who enjoyed promoting LTTE terrorism immediately turn pro-armed force while others unabashedly attempt to keep alive their funding by projecting the LTTE to continue to exist as a guerilla force. LTTE to exist as a guerilla force, it must regroup in the jungles. Contrary to what most believe LTTE started out on their killing campaign by killing Tamil policemen who were on duty in the North. It was only after the military was stationed in the North that the LTTE escaped into the jungles. We are well aware of the manner LTTE has recruited its cadres – now that LTTE has become a spent force it would be too far fetching to even assume that the Tamil people would have forgiven the LTTE for making their children into killers, & taking away their childhood. Thus, those who will promote LTTE to continue as a guerilla force upon Colombo’s elite discussion forums may well have to look for other reasons.

    Read more:

  12. “Has oil-rich Norway got nothing better to use their money except on training Terrorists?”
    By Professor Hudson McLean (Posted on October 20th, 2013)

    Has oil-rich Norway got nothing better to use their money except on training Terrorists?
    Thanks to President Mahinda Rajapaksa, Sri Lanka got rid of terrorism of LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists after over a 30 year annihilation of innocent citizens.

    It was a proven fact that Norway, its government and its diplomats in Sri Lanka, spear-headed by Erik Solheim a Minister, supported & helped the Tamil Tiger Terrorists with Training, Funding & Weapons.

    Has the Norwegian terrorist enterprise turned its energies into supporting Somali terrorists?
    This is not a Sri Lankan media publication, but CNN!

    See more:

  13. Is Norwegian Minister Erik Solheim one of the terrorists who orchestrated Tamil Tiger terrorism in Sri lanka a Zionist Jew?

    Did Norway play a role in the Kenya mall hoax?

    How many Zionist Jews from Norway are trying to implicate innocent Muslims in this hoax Zionists themselves created?

    “Suspicion grows over Norwegian’s role in Kenya mall attack — Norway
    By Nima Elbagir and Laura Smith-Spark, CNN
    October 19, 2013 — Updated 1523 GMT (2323 HKT)

    “Nairobi, Kenya (CNN) — Suspicion that a Norwegian citizen was involved in the deadly Westgate Mall attack in Kenya last month “has been strengthened” but is not yet confirmed, Norway’s security service said.The Norwegian citizen, said to be of Somali origin, is believed to have ties to Mohamed Abdikadir Mohamed, known as Ikrima, who is regarded as one of the most dangerous commanders in the Somali terror group Al-Shabaab.The Norwegian security service, PST, said its investigations in Norway and Kenya were ongoing, and that despite some media outlets reporting a name for the possible Norwegian suspect, it was not ready to confirm his identity………………………………………………..Norway felt the pain when Real born & bred Norwegian terrorist massacred innocent Norwegian young people. Dont the Norwegians ever learn that to mind their own **** business, and keep away from terrorism?”

  14. The minority Tamils in Sri Lanka are trouble makers and like Jews are full of deception. Jews and Tamils get along very well. Zionist Jews and Indian Tamils are the ones who supported Tamil terrorism against the Sinhala and Muslim people in Sri Lanka.

    Tamils Living and Registered in Colombo Voted Illegally for TNA at NPC Election

  15. Tamils liberated from their fascist past, at last!
    Posted on October 20th, 2013
    H. L. D. Mahindapala

    Part 1

    Sri Lankan politics has been bedeviled by Tamil extremists whose political ambitions far exceed their capacity to achieve them. The delusional politics of the political mytho-maniacs of the north led them all the way from Vadukoddai to Nandkadal. They have yet to realize that they were defeated, among other primary factors, by their own arrogance, intransigence and stupidity that impelled them to miss the grand opportunities that came their way with the help of Indian (Indo-Sri Lanka Agreement) and Norwegian (Oslo Accord) interventions. If they grabbed the Oslo Accord, or even Chandrika Kumaratunga’s offer to run the north and the east for ten years without elections, they would have been on top of the world today, running rings round the nation. They were aided and abetted to go down this doomed Vadukoddai path by the NGOs, their paid pillion riders, not to mention the political dodos in the Colombo University, all of whom posed as righteous and pious human rights activists.

  16. “Throughout the 33-years of the Vadukoddai War the formulas, theories, paradigms and panaceas recommended by the money-making NGO mudalalis failed. Failed miserably and repeatedly. Having failed they are now bent on re-writing history according to their agenda. As usual they are determined to denigrate “the Sinhala state” – a democracy for what it is worth — and glorify the Terroristan of the Tamil Pol Pot. After Nandikdal Saravana-mutt-u went berserk crying that this was “Sinhala triumphalism”. There is no doubt about that, Mister Sarava-mutt-u. Make no mistake about it, Mister Saravana-mutt-u. It was Sinhala triumphalism at its best and greatest, Mister Saravana-mutt-u. The Sinhalese have all the reason to take just pride in crushing Tamil fascist tyranny and restoring democracy, liberty and dignity to the Tamils who had never experienced any such glory and freedom in their entire history.”

    “Northern tyranny ran from one type to another. First there was the feudal tyranny under ruthless chieftains like Sankili who massacred 600 Catholics for owning allegiance to the Pope and the King of Spain. Then the Vellahla sub-rulers under colonial regimes oppressed and suppressed the Tamils denying them their basic rights to be human. The Tamils were not even allowed to drink water from wells or walk in daylight fearing that their sight would pollute the sight of the elitist Vellahlas. Even the great social reformer, S. W. R. D. Bandaranaike, who passed the Social Disabilities Act of 1957, banning casteist discrimination and oppression, failed to liberate the Tamils from Tamil oppression. Finally, they were persecuted by Prabhakaran who threw dissidents into the jaws of hungry crocodiles infesting the Iranamadu tank. Tamil tyranny darkened the chapters of northern history perennially.”

    “The yoke of Tamil tyranny was overthrown in its entirety only at Nandikadal. For the first time President Mahinda Rajapakse liberated them and restored the rights of Jaffna Tamils to walk the length and breadth of the northern province with dignity. He cleaned the northern province of the inhuman Vellahlas who reduced their fellow-Tamils to sub-human slaves. Above all, he restored the right of any Tamil child to go to school without being abducted by the Tamil Pol Pot. He saved Tamil children from the clutches of the Catholic Churchmen who tipped the Tamil Tiger terrorists about the whereabouts of the Tamil children places in their safe custody by trusting parents. He saved the universal image of Holy Mary from being hijacked by scheming priests who opted to serve the Tamil Pol Pot than their loving God. He gave them their first elected Chief Minister and a Council to run their own affairs. No Tamil leader in their brief history has ever gifted the Tamils with liberty and dignity they enjoy now as President Rajapakse. In the words of the Chief Minister, C. V. Wigneswaram, there are among the Sinhalese those who have defended and protected the Tamils and their dignity. It began with Dutugemunu when he paid his highest respects to Elara, the Dravida colonialist. That tradition never left the Sinhalese until in the late thirties, under extreme racist pressures and provocations of G. G. Ponnambalam, ethnic explosions did take place which no rational or sane Sinhalese would condone.”

  17. How Tamils invaded the Deep South (Matara) of Sri Lanka (where Sinhala Buddhists and Sinhala Christians have lived for thousands of years) with the help of Zionist Jews and one Sinhala traitor through Deception. The Sinhala man was most probably deceived by the two Tamils and this is a conspiracy by the Jews and the Tamils to infiltrate into the heartland of Sri Lanka to weaken these strong and patriotic Sri Lankan people mostly Buddhists.

    This is another huge Zionist crime.

    “……These are among the beds the men hope to replace over the coming months. They hope that the new MGH (Matara General Hospital) will have the equipment and facilities needed to offer the best medical care in Sri Lanka. In addition, plans include the building of new conference rooms, classrooms, and study spaces, as well as easy Internet access. The team has recently secured enough pediatric medical journal subscriptions to rival a state-of-the-art medical library. But, Gulasekaram emphasizes, the hospital must not lose its Sri Lankan identity. The hope, he says, is for “a nice blend of best practices from the West [while] still maintaining some of the cultural character” of the region. The Project Peds team is particularly concerned about avoiding the mistake that Western do-gooders often make: in Gulasekaram’s words, “these methods work here [in the United States], so let’s transplant them.” Rather, the team has forged close connections with the Sri Lankan ministry of health, the Sri Lanka College of Pediatricians, and the existing MGH staff, as well as with various NGOs and physicians in the area. The team has also received support from two of the United States’ most respected children’s hospitals, Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C., and Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, both of which will help guide the project and provide funds, credibility, and “expertise on problems that they [the Sri Lankan community] want us to solve,” according to Ratnayaka.

    In addition-and here’s where the MGH project ties in with the three friends’ larger ambition-the new wards at MGH will become a hub for learning, ideally a place where health-care providers from all over Sri Lanka can exchange ideas. And if that is successful, the men believe the model could easily be replicated all over the developing world. “Money can be raised to build anything and to bring in whatever instruments you need,” Ratnayaka says. “But in terms of knowledge, the kind of mind-share that we’re trying to promote through this project-that’s how this is going to be a model pediatric health-care institution. And that’s how it’s going to benefit other facilities throughout the country.”

    In addition to the Sri Lankan physicians, nurses, technicians, and social workers who will be participating in this “mind-share,” physicians from MGH will participate in ongoing scholarship exchange programs with experts from Children’s National and Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. The Sri Lanka College of Pediatricians has an “extensive, exhaustive list of ideas,” says Ratnayaka, of what they would like to achieve with this new project. Topping it is an annual conference for health-care providers from all over the country and the world.”

    “The cost? About $2 million, according to Daluvoy. Almost all of this money will cover such onetime expenditures as bulldozing the old pediatric wards. The hospital’s day-to-day operating budget will come largely from the government, as it always has, and will be comparable to what it always has been. “It’s not true that they would have to spend more money,” on the new units, Gulasekaram says; rather, “it would have to be spent in different way.” Fearful that the Sri Lankan government will see this influx of Western money as a reason to slash allocations for MGH, the Project Peds team has already negotiated a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Health. “Basically what we are asking for is a non-reduction in funds,” Gulasekaram says. Of the $2 million, the team has so far raised almost half, including about $400,000 in grants from the Sri Lanka Medical Association of North America and the health-care behemoth Kaiser Permanente. In late February, the group learned that the Bush-Clinton Tsunami Relief Fund had approved a $400,000 grant for the effort.”

    Read the full story here:

  18. There were technical difficulties to cut and paste. The following document shows a Tamil suicide attack in Matara and few other crimes including a theft of a large sum of money.

    The people behind these crimes are Zionist Jews – the same group of criminals who are destroying people everywhere. I hope Sri lankan Muslims don’t get manipulated into doing crime against innocent people by this same group of criminals who have now infiltrated into the area of Sri Lanka where life was safe and people were nice and generous.

    I know this area quite well.

  19. As you may see (my comment made earlier on October 27 at 10.26PM) it was China, Iran and Pakistan that had come to the rescue of Sri Lanka when the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) were killing civilians not the Jew occupied America or Europe.

    President Mahinda Rajapakse has been a supporter of the Palestinian cause for decades and is a very good friend of Iran, Pakistan and other Muslim countries (this is one of the reasons for the Zionist hatred against him) and is good to people of all colors, ethnic groups and religions. He is the one who liberated Tamils from Tamil tyranny.

    President Rajapakse himself is from the deep South and the Jews and Tamils will have added pleasure in destroying this part of the Island for that reason alone. That is how hateful and small-minded these people can be. Like Jews the Tamils are in many countries. They came to Sri Lanka from South India (and the Sinhala people have come from North India) and more recent times they have gone to all different countries from India and Sri Lanka both and Tamils in any country support one another whether they are Indian Tamils or Sri Lankan Tamils and they speak the same language and they are Hindus (because like Jews they are tribal in their thought and action) unlike Sinhala people.

    Zionist Jews and Tamils have been conspiring together to destroy the sovereignty of this beautiful small Island (my computer is getting noisy which means the Zionist Jewish criminals have great concern about what I am writing about right now. They don’t want people to hear or read about this. They want to keep this secret) where the majority: Sinhala Buddhists people have been living in harmony with religious and ethnic minorities for centuries and it has been the Tamil minority agitators who have always started the fight.

    Usually the Methodist Church in Sri Lanka (unlike the Catholic Church) has not participated in the conspiracy with the Zionist Jews and Tamils at least in the past.

    Most Buddhist Sinhala people are generous and kind people who don’t believe in harming others and/or meddling with the life of others. Most of them are not greedy either. Methodist Christians in Sri Lanka also used to be like the Buddhists:kind, generous and not greedy about material possessions. Most Muslims and few Tamils also demonstrate these qualities.

    The problem with the few good Tamils is that they have tribal thinking which make them favor their tribe even when their tribal partners are engaged in crime just like the Jews.

    It appears that Zionists have infiltrated into almost every nation far and wide.

    They are certainly trying to take over Mumbai. The tragedy in India few months ago where an apartment building (which was built in less than two months) collapsed killing over 60 people and injuring hundreds of others is another Zionist orchestrated crime aimed at getting rid of the Mumbai population in poor areas in order for the Zionists to own more of the Indian land while also making money through companies owned by Zionists or their Indian agents.

    People need to watch the activities of Zionist Jews and their agents whether in Mumbai or other parts of India or in Sri Lanka (South, North, East or West of the Island).

    Erecting building with weak structures aimed at killing people can be just one other way to destroy people while also making money by the same ruthless tribe who has made money selling fluoride while also poisoning millions of people. These are Zionist specialities.

  20. Zionists have infiltrated into the Indian society to the detriment of Indian people. What crimes have they perpetrated (will they perpetrate) on innocent Indians specially Muslims and other unsuspecting people: Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists?

    “Former Israeli Soldiers “Flipping Out” in India”

    “A scene from Flipping Out. FLIPPING OUT is the third political documentary produced by the noted Israeli film maker Yoav Shamir after his acclaimed CHECKPOINT and 5 DAYS. Though the film lacks the hard edge and fast pacing of his previous work, FLIPPING OUT is more persuasive and accessible to a larger audience.

    After being discharged with a bonus of 15,000 shekels (about $4,300) after three years of compulsory military service, an estimated 20,000 former Israeli soldiers travel to India. About 90 percent take drugs and 2000 of the Israeli ex-soldiers living in India ‘flip out’ each year. This documentary’s introductory scenes of soldiers breaking into Palestinian homes land and non-directive interviews with these soldiers and professionals trying to help them suggest that the military service has damaged them resulting in post-traumatic stress disorders. Yet as distinct from the fate of U.S. soldiers coming back form Afghanistan and Iraqi with similar mental problems and cannot get adequate help from official agencies. Israeli public and private organizations take responsibility for the problems the army service created.

    In India the ex-soldiers live in small communal settings and hotels segregated from the Indian population, in locations, they identify as Kasol sin or crime city. The winter months are spend in Himalayan mountain areas and for the summer months the Israelis migrate to Goa to continue enjoying a lifestyle of large parties, use of virtually all drugs, including to marihuana, cocaine, LSD, ecstasy and other hard drugs. Relations between Indians and Israelis are pragmatic but not friendly. As one Israeli points out, the Indians are like Arabs. Conversely Indians consider the Israelis to be noisy, drug addicted and out of control. Yet with an average income of $500 per year they depend on the funds provided by the Israeli expatriates.”

    Read more:

  21. Israeli soldiers “Flipping Out” in India will only escalate violence and destabilization of this country. There have been several episodes of bombings in Mumbai and other crimes already.

    Here is an excellent article from Global Research.

    India’s 9/11: Who was behind the Mumbai attacks?

    By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

  22. The information here is accurate except the fact that the writer is totally unaware of the Zionist involvement in the Tamil crimes against Sri Lanka.

    Zionists are intimately connected to Tamils in India, Sri Lanka, Canada and other Western countries and continue to be involved in their crimes against Sri lanka.

    “Allegations vs. being guilty: Sri Lanka’s human rights violations as seen by the West and the human rights groups”

    Posted on November 9th, 2013
    By Asada M Erpini

    “Ever since the military arm of the LTTE based in Sri Lanka was vanquished by the valiant armed forces of the sovereign republic of Sri Lanka, there have been incessant cries of human rights violations by the political and military leadership of the island nation.

    The noises made by Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and other such groups, the former Sri Lankan Tamils now comfortably based in the most affluent countries of the world and the corrupt politicians in western countries, led by Canada, who would sell their grandmother for the bloc vote of Tamil immigrants from Sri Lanka, reach a crescendo whenever there is any international event that is hosted by Sri Lanka or which the President of Sri Lanka is scheduled to attend. The accusations have now reached fever pitch because the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting is due to begin in a few days in Sri Lanka.

    The absurdity in this whole issue of human rights violations in Sri Lanka or by the political and military leadership of the country is focused on the last stages of the war that was concluded on 19 May 2009. The LTTE, backed and supported by India and Canada and other affluent countries violated the human rights of all Sri Lankans for a near three-decade period. Yet, all these human rights propagandists are concerned only about the last stages when the local LTTE leadership was forced to bite the dust in the Nadhikadal lagoons.

    Most peace-loving Sri Lankans would welcome an independent and objective investigation into human rights violations spanning the 30 year period prior to 2009. Among the main accused would be:

    India and its Southern state of Tamil Nadu for harbouring, financing and providing training facilities to LTTE to wage war against Sri Lanka

    Canada that allowed the Canadian LTTE to collect two million dollars monthly to finance the LTTE killing machine for its horrendous massacres and destruction in Sri Lanka during the time of its Liberal Prime Ministers Jean Chretien and Paul Martin. The most prominent among the ‘achievements’ carried out by LTTE is the bombing of the Central Bank building in Colombo with funds provided by a Tamil in Vancouver to buy 10 tons of RDX and 50 tons of TNT from the Rubezone Ukraine Chemical Factory.

    Amnesty International (AI) that had “gratefully accepted” $50,000 from Canadian Tamil Congress in December 2011. All discerning readers know how AI picks and chooses its targets to suit its own agenda.

    One could go on and on listing the massacres that LTTE inflicted on Sri Lanka and its people – Tamils, Sinhalas, Moors, Malays, etc. – in its macabre pursuit of creating a mono-ethnic Eelam based on concocted history. It would not have been possible for the LTTE to challenge Sri Lanka government’s armed forces if not for the moral, financial and material support given by India, Canada and many other countries.”

    Read more:

  23. “British Demographic Genocide against Sinhalese by Bringing Millions of Tamils to the Island from India”

    By Dilrook Kannangara

    “The worst act of demographic genocide in recent history was committed by Great Britain during its occupation of Ceylon (now known as Sri Lanka) from 1796 to 1948. Demographic genocide is the act of changing a nation’s demography or the demography of part of the nation by causing population movement. During the British occupation millions of Tamils were brought into the island from South India to work in British tea plantations, to work as laborers and soldiers. It completely changed the demographics of the island nation in areas closest to South India and in the hill country where most tea plantations are located. Britain must be asked to apologise to and amend this heinous act of demographic genocide at the CHOGM summit in Colombo.”

    Read more:

  24. Sri Lankans must invite and felicitate Zamir Akram, head of Pakistan delegation to UNHRC
    Posted on April 8th, 2014
    Shenali D Waduge

    When a country not just votes for Sri Lanka against the tides but goes the extra mile to eloquently deliver a speech giving reasons why they are voting against the US sponsored Resolution, that country and in particular the head of that delegation needs to be thanked and felicitated far before thanking nations that abstained for their own self-serving compulsions. Sri Lankans listened with admiration while Mr. Zamir Akram showed how Pakistan had done its homework to highlight reasons that the Resolution depicted duplicity, bias and double standards and Pakistan gave the punch that should have come from Sri Lanka’s delegation in reminding the Sponsors of the Resolution their own track record of human rights violations that remain without acknowledgement or accountability running over centuries. It is therefore, suggested that Sri Lankan organizations invite Mr. Zamir Akram to deliver a speech in Sri Lanka and to felicitate him for the magnanimous manner Pakistan showed solidarity with Sri Lanka. In our eyes, Pakistan has been a true friend.

    Read the following article for a text of Speech delivered by Mr. Zamir Akram, head of the Pakistan delegation to the UN Human Rights at the 25th session and before voting on Sri Lanka.

  25. 25th session of the UNHRC; Resolution on SL_Part 09

    Meet honorable and magnificent Mr. Zamir Akram, head of Pakistan delegation to UNHRC

  26. 25th session of the UNHRC; Resolution on SL_Part 07

  27. Mehar Mohammad Khalil – A Beautiful Muslim from Pakistan who became a Sri Lankan hero

    Mehar Mohammad Khalil the Pakistani bus driver has been credited for saving the lives of the entire Sri lankan Test squad.

    The quick thinking and courage of Mehar ‘ The Bullet Dodger’ Khalil has now given him super hero status.

    The gunmen – seen on CCTV footage fleeing calmly – only left the scene of the attack after Mehar managed to drive the bus into the Gadaffi Stadium.

    CNN reports that donations have sprung up globally to aid the driver and his family.

    Private donors in Lahore have rewarded Khalil with 300,000 rupees (more than $3,000) — a small fortune for a Pakistani bus driver.

    Sri Lankan media group ‘Associated Newspapers of Ceylon’ has extended an invitation to Mehar and his family for an all expenses paid one week holiday of the Island.

    According to a statement issued by the Sri Lankan High Commission on Friday the invitation “comes with the blessings” of President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

    Mahela Jayawardene too on his website stated that he was extremely grateful to Khalil.

    The truth is we owe our lives to the courageous Mohammad Khalil, the driver. I will forever be grateful to him,’ wrote Kumar Sangakkara on his column on Cricinfo.

    There is no doubt that to do what Mehar did – facing a barrage of bullet fire – required immense courage. We here at island Cricket along with other Sri Lankan Cricket sites, Blogs, and forums will be collecting funds to donate to Mehar.

    Island Cricket will host a banner with details on how to make donations in the coming days.

    Click to visit Mahela’s website

  28. Few paragraphs of gratitude from another beautiful Muslim by the name of Muhammad Anwar

    “On behalf of Pakistanis I am much thankful to the Sri Lankan people for warm welcome to Meher Khalil during his visit from 5th to 12th April 2009. As I was also flying with Meher Khalil on 5th and 12th and Meher Khalil’s relatives live in my nearby village, so we were much frankly like real relatives and best friends and were talking about three hrs on return flight.
    During my one week stay in Sri Lanka, at first I did not understand the term HERO when citizens told me that HERO is here. I inquired, which hero and they were surprised and then told that Meher Khalil – The Pakistani Hero. Then at first I was feeling shame that we being a Pakistani did not care about him bout our Sri Lankan citizen were much more giving him respect.

    He is really a Hero who gave the message to other citizens that we should not worried about the terrorism phase that we are facing and surely soon will be peace. When I asked to Meher Khalil what you expect from every Pakistani, then he replied that Every Pakistani should work hard with honesty whichever job he has, then surely we will be proud to be a successful nation.

    His wife was also much happy and thankful to to the people of Sri Lanka that she will never forget.

    Meher Khalil showed me the Photo Alum that was present him during on his return that was really wonderful and never in my life watch such beautiful presentation. I made the copy of his photographs to my laptop same time from the CD that also was part of the album. Surely I will post some of the emotional pictures at my facebook and on other places.

    When we reached Karachi, then several nice pictures were made with him that surely will share with friends.

    Thank you very much Sri Lankan people once again,”

  29. GOSL must initiate Website & Hotline to report LTTE supporters & funding details
    Posted on April 8th, 2014
    Shenali D Waduge

    In what has sent shockwaves across the world, LTTE Diaspora & supporters both local and international are now a worried lot. Legally, they are cornered. Their propaganda machinery has now been checkmated with a UN Security Council Resolution that is both mandatory and binding. With the declaration of LTTE and 16 LTTE front banned and blacklisting of 424 individuals the momentum to rope in the rest of the beneficiaries of LTTE terror over 3 decades should be the next course of action the GOSL must take. Sri Lanka’s diplomacy must go an extra mile to demand that the very nations bellowing about ‘accountability’ need to now clean up their own yards and bring to book all the linchpins that have stockpiled LTTE exhorted monies and other illegally acquired funding. Moreover, all those in the cocktail circuits and who have been recipients of LTTE funds over the years for their ‘academic expert opinions’ must also be exposed. It also affords a long awaited opportunity for Tamils who had been coerced and manhandled into making ‘voluntary’ donations to the LTTE kitty over 3 decades to come out and name those to whom payments had been made.

    Read more:

  30. Lies Agreed Upon : Sri Lanka counters Lies against the Island

  31. Speech delivered by Mr. Arun Thambimuttu

  32. Sri Lankan Muslims singing in support of their country: Sri Lanka during their protest against the US Resolution against Sri Lanka. They are praising the sinhalese President Mahinda Rajapakse as someone without prejudice.

    Protest Against the U.S. Resolution on our Motherland.

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