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Massive Mossad Clique Busted in Malaysian Airlines Hoax

One such Mossad Agent, Mole and Fake Malaysian Hoax Ex-Wife Elaine Wood, Says She Doesn’t Want Anyone to Contact Her

A man named, actually, code-named Phillip Wood is the only well-advertised American who supposedly died in the March 8, 2014, Malaysian Airlines hoax crash, March 8, 2014. In the lying, deceiving Zionist-controlled media he is heavily described and extensively photographed, with images uploaded throughout the Internet, as are his lying, fabricating ‘relatives.’ Yet, no one by the name of Phillip Wood went missing that day. Nor did anyone by that name die in a plane crash. All these story-lines, mere lies, mere obfuscation.

It is absolutely false to claim that this man was a real passenger on a ‘gone missing’ Malaysian Airlines 777 on that day or that he died in a plane crash. He is a figment of the imagination, a mere head and body corrupted in visual imagery through photographic manipulation.


That’s a very long index finger on the left hand, and his right hand is surely huge, too huge to match the rest of his body. Once again, his facial features are in poor resolution, while the foreground and background are much tighter. Clearly, he has been installed artificially into this image.

The fraudster is repeatedly seen in highly suspect images; he is virtually always by himself:


It is yet another entirely fake image, Mossad-style, with cut lines evident, diagonally, on the black shirt and also along the left edge of the neck. Too, part of his head appears to be missing. The image is blurry and vague, which is typical of purposely manipulated photos.

The photo below is merely a stock background, where the fake image of Wood was installed into the frame. He was not there; it’s not a real photo.


Why is this background on both sides so blurred? Surely, this is an attempt at obfuscation. He casts a shadow (with rigid edges, quite dark) to his left. No one else in the image casts such as shadow. Is the sun shining in a different direction for him? Moreover, why are his arms so blurry? How can they be mere fuzz, while the chest and abdominal area are far more defined.  No camera can do that. Only Photoshop fakery can produce such anomalies. The shadow has to be on everyone: no exceptions.

The fake Phillip Wood is surrounded by a host of ancillary fraudsters, a fake girlfriend, ex-wife, mother, father, two fabricated brothers, and two phony sons, who run cover for his fabricated disappearance and/or death.

It begins with the phony girlfriend, Mossad agent Sarah Bajc. In fact, Bajc, possibly her real name, is married to someone else, Stephen Bajc, as advertised on the latter’s personal Web pages. There is not a single photo depicting her with ‘Wood’ that isn’t photoshopped.

If he is not by himself, then, he is seen ‘shopped’ in with Sarah Bajc or other phonies, like the two Zionist mole fake sons.

Once again, the images are contrived. Note the significant difference in color of the tissue on the left neck of Wood versus the right side; smiley faces with sunglasses propped on the head. The blur tool was used on both necks to soften the cut lines from the cut-and-paste operation.


Here he is cut-and-pasted into the frame between the two fake sons. Note son ‘Christopher’s’ exceptionally long – and straight – thumb. Try doing that with your thumb. Once again, through the Zionist cabal normal human anatomy has been defied.

The fake girlfriend

Regarding the non-girlfriend and Mossad mole Bajc in her attempt to make this appear real could it get any more fake than this?


Our caption: a screen capture of an ABC News interview with Sarah Bajc, as she shifts her eyes to the far right and speaks out of the corner of her mouth

She is an absolute fraudster, and her behavior in the interviews alone proves that she is an agent. Look at that contrived appearance she represents. Therefore, the disappearance of a Malaysian Airlines 777 (alternating as crash) is a hoax.

Here is one of the typical social media posts made by this filthy spy:

“Can you feel my love coming through to you? It is bottomless, so it should be able to reach, no matter where you are,” Bajc wrote Friday. That is, as in the bottom of the sea.

These individuals are known Zionist extremists. How else could they have gotten, immediately, such major presence on the major Zionist-controlled networks? Damn them all, they are nothing other than filthy liars.

The liar and the cheat has been given significant support to the fraud through other Mossad cell elements, notably Madison Bajc, through her Twitter feed, along with her real husband, Stephen Bajc. All have been hired by the Zionist hierarchy to orchestrate this scam. Incredible though it seems, it is very real.


The fake ex-wife

Then, there is supposed ex-wife Elaine Wood. She, unlike Bajc, wants to stay out of the limelight, asking to be left alone:


What a mole she is, seeking to hide from the world, going underground after spreading lies and great deception. Note, though, the business-like, actually, fraud-based nature of her statement, “Dear News Media, Phillip Wood was a wonderful man” and “That is my statement,” that is ‘don’t attempt to interview me.’ In other words, ‘I signed on with the Mossad for this wretched act, but I don’t want to be put on the spot; I might flub up.’

She claims she has had two sons by a man named Phillip Wood. There is no evidence for this. Nor can her words in this regard be to any degree trusted, since she claims they are grieving sons of a man who was actually on a jetliner that crashed or disappeared. There was no plane crash. There is no wreckage. There was no flight named MH3709 in the air that day. Therefore, the woman known as Elaine Wood and the sons named Christopher and Nick are malicious in their intent and are purposely spreading lies about an event that never happened.

This means they are Zionist moles and spies. There can be no other conclusion.


This is supposed to be Elaine Wood in this heavily photoshopped photo. Regardless, how can she be who she says she is, when one of the few photos available has clearly been corrupted?


It looks like her hands consist of a mixture of three hands. Count the fingers and the thumb coming out of the right side area. There are at least six digits. What a mangled mess it is. There are even parts of fingers and hands in this Photoshop butcher job.

Now, note the person in the image below. Although she claims to be Elaine Wood her real name is Nancy Zoller. This image, taken, apparently, in Texas is being used to depict her as the fake ex-wife of the non-existent Phillip Wood, while the youth on the left screen is posing as Wood’s fake son. It appears instead that this person is actually the nephew of Zoller (per research by one of our posters).


The fake sons

One of the fake sons offers himself in the media as Christopher Wood, the other, Nick Wood. Yet, as discovered by poster under the handle “cowboy,” his real name is apparently Ryan Zoller, the picture, left screen, being identified by that name. It would appear that they are an exact likeness. This is a tremendous discovery, which demonstrates the methodology used by Zionist criminals to spread their fraud. It is a tribe, and these vile ones work within that tribe. It would be thought, though, that someone who knows Zoller would realize the likeness and report it as so.

This Facebook profile identifies a man who looks just like Christopher Wood as Ryan Zoller:


Nick-Wood-Philp-wood-son  malaysianhoaxzoller1

However, he had a low profile prior to the fake crash. When the terms “Ryan Zoller” and “images” are put into the Google search engine only the one picture, left screen, demonstrating a likeness, surfaces:


The nostril is highly distinctive in this individual, as is the left corner of the mouth. It is, apparently, an older (today’s) Zoller versus the image of the younger one, right screen. The length of the face, the nature of the eyebrows, and the nose appear to be similar enough to warrant further investigation.

Here is the other fake ‘son’, known as Nick Wood:


This Zionist mole is obviously the brother of the other fake son.

The phony mother

The mother is also an absolute phony and is purely a crisis actor. She shows no emotions, and sheds no tears.


Look at this fraudster with another phony griever in coordination, a third one in the back. They are all spreading the lie of the disappearance of ‘Phillip Wood’ maliciously. These people are fakes, and they cannot prove otherwise.


The fake brothers, James and Tom Wood

Two additional Zionist moles have joined the foray, spreading additional fabrications on behalf of the fake passenger (and phony crash). Once again, they have received a prominent position in the Zionist-controlled press:

None of them show any emotion, and that includes the great fraudster in this scam, Sarah ‘fulminant Zionist’ Bajc. It’s merely a business transaction on behalf of the liars and cheats of world Jewry.
They are interviewed as if movie stars, even though all that they spout are lies.

<p> 	Up until recently, Tom Wood, brother of Philip Wood, said they were hopeful for his safe return.</p>

He is yet another mole who has the propensity to speak out of the corner of his mouth. Clearly, this represents a rather large Mossad clique, either as direct Zionist agents or through proxy support agents, who had all been predetermined for their deceiving, falsifying roles.

Even so, what do all such people have in common? It is the promotion and maintenance of that diabolical entity, known as the Israeli regime, the only known vicious apartheid regime left on this planet.

This issue warrants further investigation.



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  1. That has to be the worst fake thumb I’ve ever seen. Thanks NODISINFO and Cowboy.

  2. Good job

  3. Ryan along with his young friends are all recently joined into the US Airforce & Navy & Marines & Army where Bill Zoller (likely brother of Kim Mulne Zoller) & his wife and others have helped place them in positions in USA’s military where they can serve Israel & greater zionism by participating in staged & hoax & false flags events like shootings, disappearances, false witneses and spying against America for Israel & China. And where they can collect multiple paychecks much higher than their soldiering or sailoring jobs would ever pay them via DHS, FEMA, MOSSAD, zionist banksters benefactors, shell jobs at zionist controlled companies under aliases. I am certain Bill Zoller has numerous position & recruits people mostly Jewish or Crypto Jewish or Misguided Christian zionists and lets them think they are like CIA secret agents serving America through deception. Mostly if zio-Christian they will still have a Crypto Jewish wife/girlfriend or husband/boyfriend to keep a close eye on them. Many of them are from Ohio, Pittsburg and Florida and Northern Va/ Maryland area. I think all the alleged victims in this new staged fake shooting terror event are connected to Bill Zoller or his family. All are young, I mean like under 25–most even under 20 and very gung ho. This throws off nearly anyone who tries to investigate because they look for someone listed near the listed age of 39 or 40. If any of you young soldiers involved are reading this you are not serving America by being in this deception whether you are in a uniform and ready to kill those evil Mossadlims or not. You are serving America’s worse enemy with this deception and should be brave and come forward and admit what you have been a part of. You are helping the zionist disarm American for slaughter and cause war with people who are no threat to America and not our enemies. Iran does not want to disarm Americans but the zionist dual citizen Israelis like Chuck Schumer, Diane Feinstein Michael Bloomberg, Hillary Clinton, Rahm Emmanuel, Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, etc… They are your real enemy—America’s real enemy.

  4. I am not receiving the NoDisinfo articles anymore and I did not unsubscribe.

    • That was stopped because the portal was used by hackers to take down the site. They are working on reinstating it.

      • Please look at what I keep trying to post but it won’ t let me. TJ Lane is played by rhe same actor as this Alex Hribal character. Even scars on his nose match. Please post my email on the thread. That is the first email I have sent you. Also one of the woods sons in played by more than one person in different pics. But all are Zollers. All these cells have multiple people who look similiar which is most easily acheived by using relatives. And I think when for example two brothers say Bill & Jim marry two sisters you get even more chances of similiar traits aka more chances of similiar lookkng people…so I think they often do just that. But in the case of Lane & Hribal they are clearly one and the same. Even an identical twin does not get the same acne pox scar.

  5. Mossad Zionist ‘Anti-Terror’ Cell currently active in UK:

  6. Thanks Dr K for the future plan to re-instate the NoDisinfo email system!

    I haven’t heard you on Rick Adam’s Radio Program for a while and I am sure there are a lot of listeners who miss you.

    I hope you will make your regular guest appearance on Rick Adam Show once again soon!

    I am glad that Art from Philadelphia still appears regularly and I am posting his excellent website here:

  7. For the last time. I had know Phil for 19 years and worked with (both in data storage from the mid 1990s). Thats an awful long time to set up a hoax. Had a drink with him in Hong hong a few years back. Caught up talked about his (rather smart kids) bitched about our jobs and had a good ol time.
    I dont know wtf happend to that plane. I hope to god it is a conspiracy and our govt has it on Diego Garcia and is treating the passengers lavishly (albeit in solitude). But I also hope to wake up in my 20k s\sq ft Mansion in Malibu tomorrow between 2 Victorias secret models.
    You word are vile.

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    People are waking up as evidenced by this story:

    Jewish group accuses Parti Quebecois candidate of spreading KKK ‘anti-Semitic conspiracy theory’

    After a PQ candidate was discovered to have supported a fringe conspiracy theory holding that Jews use kosher food to fund clandestine political causes, Quebec Premier Pauline Marois publicly declared Friday that her party is not anti-Semitic.

    At Friday campaign stop, Ms. Marois stood by Louise Mailloux, and told reporters “the Parti Québécois is not an anti-Semitic party.”

    “We have very good relations with the leaders of this community and all the different communities in Quebec,” she said.

    Ms. Mailloux has made repeated public statements backing the idea of the “kosher tax,” a widely debunked canard claiming that kosher certification drives up the cost of food and imposes a de facto tax on secular consumers.

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    “On June 8, 1967, 34 American servicemen were killed and 174 were wounded during an Israeli attack on the USS Liberty.

    According to former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Thomas Moorer, “Those men were then betrayed and left to die by our own government.” The survivors are still awaiting justice.”

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    But there is a background story that is responsible and it involves the covert works of numerous high ranking Intel Cowboys inside American Intel who are dedicated America-firsters and have been working hard to restore America as a Constitutional Republic. Only some of this story can now be told, but eventually perhaps the rest will come out.

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  31. How easy it is for the Zionist owned mainstream media to fabricate stories and deceive people using fake images via photoshop!

    “FBI Uses Photoshop to Implicate Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in Boston Marathon Bombing”

    “Comment: Many thanks to investigative reporter Ralph Lopez for his extra effort in revealing what has to be called a False Flag operation to deceive the American people. Credible alternative media reporting like this is causing corpse media to lose their declared war of disinformation in an effort to convince dwindling audiences that our president, congress and supreme court represent legitimate and constitutional federal government. – HWS”

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  32. Another Zionist Hoax

  33. MP Laurent Louis has apparently lost his seat in the Belgian Parliament during the most recent election and he was violently arrested by the police for no real reason and some Jewish coalition has sued him for “denying the Holocaust”.

    Belgian MP LAURENT LOUIS stands against war in Mali and exposes the “War on Terror” using 911 Truth

    “On January the 17th, 32 years old Belgian MP Laurent Louis, the most controversial and demonized national political figure ever, explained why he voted against the Belgian support to war in Mali. Meanwhile, he expressed his disgust and wrath against the criminal foreign policies of the Belgian elite and its submission to foreign financial and interests groups. For the first time at the Belgian Parliament, he evokes that 9/11 was made up and says what no one before him has never dared to speak out!

    Please share this exceptional moment of truth. There were other interventions as powerful from that man regarding the necessity to re-open the DUTROUX CASE, since he has been confronted to official pictures of the pedophile’s little victims that dramatically contradicted the official version of the cause of their death.”– Says Jack Blood

  34. It appears that Laurent Louis MP was collecting some signatures just prior to his arrest and police violence on him and the following video has the details:

    Le député Laurent LOUIS arrêté à Mons: bavure politico-policière !

  35. Laurent Louis MP also has been fined thousands of dollars for speaking out against crimes of some people in high places!

  36. Jewish extremists have waged attacks of hatred against Belgian MP Laurent Louis

    “In Spring 2014, Laurent Louis announced that a “European Congress of Dissidence” would be held on May 4 in the Brussels-Capital region, including figures such as Dieudonné, Alain Soral, Kémi Seba, and the antisemitic essayist Hervé Ryssen. The demonstration – described in the press as an “antisemitic meeting” – was prohibited by Belgian authorities. The location of the meeting, kept secret until the last minute, was finally announced as Anderlecht, but the approximately 500 people who showed up were dispersed by law enforcement.[21][22][23][24][25]
    Jewish Museum of Belgium shooting

    Following the 24 May 2014 fatal shooting at the Jewish Museum of Belgium, Joel Rubinfeld of the Belgian League Against Antisemitism described the act as “the inevitable result of a climate that distills hatred… it will be necessary to use all legal means to silence the preachers of this hate who are responsible for spreading this virus of anti-Jewish hatred”, specifically mentioning Laurent Louis and Dieudonné.[26]

    Louis Laurent vehemently denounced Rubinfeld’s accusations on his Facebook page and denying that his views were antisemitic. He suggested that the attack could be a false flag operation seeking to discredit him and his political party on the eve of the 2014 Belgian federal elections:

    This villainous act is clearly being used to tarnish my image and that of Debout les Belges on the eve of the elections. … Should we see in this a false flag aiming to reduce the success of Debout les Belges in tomorrow’s elections? [27]

    Louis later posted that he had received death threats and that police claimed his life was in danger, implying that they expected reprisal attacks at the hands of Jewish extremists.[28]”

  37. Shooting at Belgium Jewish Museum is a Hoax

    As usual in order to gain sympathy for Zionist plots the Jews are at it again, this time faking an attack, complete with fake murders, at a museum Belgium museum.

  38. Here is another hoax!

  39. Here is one more Zionist criminality!

    Toxic Light – The Dark Side of Energy Saving Bulbs

  40. Murder of young US President John Kennedy shook up the world and his brain was reduced to pieces violently and brutally through a shot delivered at close range.

    Zionists did 9/11, orchestrated the murder of US President John Kennedy, bombed the USS Liberty killing 32 sailors and injuring another 174 but there have been no justice because of the political, financial and media power of organized Jewry.

    Mainstream media cover up Zionist crime and social media interfere with people when they try to share the information about Zionist crime through email and other social media methods.

    Organized Jewry’s use of unbalanced Jewish power and influence to harm members of the public (individuals, groups, specific organizations etc) are seen in all areas of our life whether it is through various Jewish organizations like AIPAC, ADL, SPLC in the US and similar organizations in other countries where there is Jewish domination of the political system, financial and the income tax systems, judiciary and the Jewish owned social and mainstream media or Jewish run medical and law and other licensing bodies or Zionist hijacked Christian church – The result is the same.

    The result being the destruction of one’s profession and livelihood and in some cases there can be total derailment and fabrication of charges against innocent people – and these unfortunate Jewish targets even ending up in the prison or getting death threats. Certain medical doctors, vets, lawyers have been targeted and their careers have been destroyed because they opposed the Medical Industrial Complex and Pharm Industry’s harmful vaccines and drugs or spoke against GMO food industry or as lawyers advocated for America’s Constitution and gun laws and/or spoke against Zionist crime.

    Dr Carley and Dr Cass are two among others whose careers were totally destroyed by the Zionists. Zionists have continued to go after these two doctors even trying to trace their whereabouts and we need to watch for the safety of their lives.

    They are also going after Dr Mercola who has managed to keep his medical license so far after spending thousands of dollars in legal fees.

    Belgium MP Laurent Louis was violently arrested and he is not a criminal. All he did was to expose the war agenda and other dark crime in order to protect humanity from corrupt politicians and Zionist bankers who run the world. Hollywood superstar and movie director Mel Gibson produced the movie: Passion of the Christ for which Jews hated him and his career was destroyed. His marriage also got ruined and he ended up marrying a Russian Jewish woman whom he later divorced. It is not difficult to figure out who was behind the destruction of his marriage through devious means as they always do. Speaking the truth which Zionists hate is the crime many people have committed before Zionists have fabricated charges against them aimed at ruining their lives.

    Organized Jewry is in the habit of framing people for crimes they have not done and Dr Aafia Siddiqui a beautiful young well educated Muslim woman who once enjoyed vibrant health was not their first target.

    Bollywood movie star/director Sanjay Dutt right now is serving a prison sentence in his country: India for a crime he did not commit. He has been framed by Israeli Mossad with the help from some Indian corrupt politicians and India’s corrupt judiciary. Sanjay Dutt is supposed to have acquired some guns from terrorists who bombed Mumbai. The terrorists who bombed Mumbai were Israeli Mossad. This whole thing was a set up to send Sanjay Dutt to prison because Jewry wants to take over the Bollywood Movie Industry. Sanjay Dutt is one of the few actors who would have courage and stamina and the family back ground (being the son of legendary Bollywood stars Nargis and Sunil Dutt) to fight these tenacious criminals.

    The entire world needs to stand against this injustice where young lives have been destroyed through lies and deception of Jews based on their hatred for Muslims and/or greed for wealth and fame and/or as revenge against speaking the truth.

    This cruel behavior of Zionists is well known to many Americans based on our experience with American lawyers like Edgar Steele and Lynn Stewart and countless other Americans who have been sent to jail on false charges because Jewry did not like them or felt threatened by them. Individuals like Dr Aafia Siddiqui, US lawyers Edgar Steele and Lynn Stewart and Bollywood movie star/director Sanjay Dutt have paid a huge price since 9/11 which led to the Zionist hoax we call the “war on terror”!

    This is the Zionist game: False Flag 9/11 to go after the Muslims as well as set up the police state to go after the White people and minorities who are opposing the Zionist tyranny and gun grabbing is an important part of the plot before unleashing the full scale of Zionist terror just like they did it in Bolshevik Russia and other Eastern European countries. Zionists have hijacked governments of many countries including Australia, New Zealand, India, Sri Lanka etc and the result is tyranny and oppression of people and Peter Markan knows what tyranny and oppression mean.

    Peter Markan has been one of the few people in Queensland Australia with courage to have fought and continue to fight the battle on behalf of humanity. Peter Markan seems to have been convicted using fabricated evidence! It is very clear why he had to be framed on false charges and sent to prison!

    Zionists are behind all the wars and police states and all events leading to them and many other undesirable things and unbalanced Jewish power is driving the world into disaster after disaster and people are being severely oppressed by the Zionist tyranny which is trying to take away the freedom of all of mankind and it is crucial that we know and care about what is happening to people globally. And “the war on terror is a Jewish hoax” according to the website: Real Jew News and many other blogs and people who are aware of what’s going on in the US and abroad.

    There can be a threat to the very lives of Peter Markan, Belgium MP Laurent Louis, Indian movie star Sanjay Dutt, US lawyer Edgar Steele, Dr Aafia Siddiqui, Canadian journalist Joshua Blakeney and others like them.

    Activities of Zionists need to be closely observed! How soon will they stage their next false flag?

    Could this be another event like 9/11 but worse or could it be Israel exploding bombs in most US cities (Sampson Option) or Zionist orchestrated failure of the US grid in the form of a virtual 9/11 or some race riot orchestrated by Zionist Jews leading to Martial Law prior to murdering American citizens by the Zionist DHS?

    Learn more about the Zionist organizations like ADL and SPLC that are working behind-the- scenes to achieve the Zionist agenda of gun confiscation as well as fabrication of charges against innocent Americans. As you can see Zionists work together as a tribe to deceive the world in order to bring about their Jewish agenda of world domination.

  41. Zionists totally control the elections in the US and in many other countries causing fraud in order to elect their own candidates leaving no choice for the people of respective countries.

    Dr K worked closely with Dr Ron Paul’s Presidential Campaign which enabled him to discover the election fraud which led to the writing of the book “Rigged” and here is the link for any one who wants to find out what was really going on with the US election 2012.

  42. Right now (11.10 AM) in the East side of Providence on the Medway Street in close proximity to Ives Street very close to where I live the gas pipes are being replaced. They just finished working on water pipes.

    These are unwanted replacements/repairs aimed at causing inconvenience to people by shutting off their water or gas supply and or cause harm through the terror of explosions which has been done in other areas and most residents did not have a clue.

    Criminals behind these cruel plans want to find various ways that can help them to get people evicted from their homes into FEMA camps run by Zionist Jewish DHS.

  43. Zionist Malice against MP Laurent Louis for standing against war on Mali and sex trafficking!

    Brutally and falsely arrested and beaten!

    The one Belgian politician who has exposed high level child traffickers and publicly endorsed the work of ITCCS, MP Laurent Louis, was viciously assaulted and arrested by Belgian police on Saturday as he peacefully collected signatures for his upcoming re-election bid.

    Mr. Louis was released after six hours in jail, and is bringing a lawsuit against the police responsible.

    Mr. Louis is scheduled to meet with ITCCS officials and Rev. Kevin Annett later this month to lend support to the second major common law court case involving Vatican child trafficking.

    “This sick and unprovoked attack on Monsieur Louis is aimed at all of us and at democracy. But we will not let child killers destroy their accusers like this. We will provide real security to brave fighters like Monsieur Louis and Kevin Annett so this cannot happen again” said George Dufort, ITCCS official, in Brussels today.

    More here:

  44. My favorite part about this phillip wood character was how incredibly special ops type personality he was…….lol. He supposedly managed to get his iphone shoved up this ass and somehow managed to get off a substantially long text message while being held hostage. How does one shove a whole iphone up one’ ass and then get it out a text while your hands are bound. Well, apparently the ‘phone’ checks out to have sent the text from Diego Garcia, but it wouldn’t be too hard for US military to do that. Question is WHY? Terrorize, yes. Excuse to search the oceans so they can drop remote controlled nukes in them? What exactly ARE they up to?

    • I don’t know what they are up to, that is to such a degree that they would fake back-to-back plane crashes while using the same airline co.

  45. ROFLMAO his left hand is too large…. THAT IS DUE TO PERSPECTIVE …. fooking imbicils !

    Whoever wrote this piece of SHIT deserves to be locked up and gagged ! You are not worthy of writing … especially not about truth…

    Man you are a complete RETARD …all your “evidence” is BULLSHIT !

    Any photographer can tell you WHY his hands look bigger … you dumb unintelligent problem stirring lying piece of SHIT !

    Yes I speak foul language… strange eej … when you spit such nonsense over such a serious matter…

    Do the world a favor… NEVER WRITE AGAIN !

  46. Being a photographer I can explain ALL photos !

    This writer is talking BULLSHIT !

    use you fooking brain readers… you freakin retards !

    1st picture (allready debunked see previous post)

    2nd pic… clearly he is not by himself… the photo was not taken by him… look at arms … (DEBUNKED) … ow and is it suspicous to be in photos by yourself ??? even when 3 of the 5 pictures shown here are NOT of him alone ???? How fooking retarded are you people ????

    3rd picture clearly see the same shadows from other people…. (DEBUNKED )

    4th… there is no need for BLUR in Post processing… lenses are ALWAYS softer on the SIDES !!!!!!!!! You need a lesson in photography IDIOT ! Why do you write this shit when you have NO KNOWLEDGE ????????? IDIOT !

    5th And unusually long thumb… woooooo what a suprise… google unusually long thumb… you will see its not common but by no means exceptional

    This article is for retarded gullible stupid people…

    You have to be unbeleivably STUPID to believe this SHIT !

    No im not a native English speaker… thats why my grammer is imperfect… but those who jugde a comment by its style rather then its content shouldnt read at all !

  47. i cannot decide whether this is one of the funniest websites i have ever seen or it is just pathetic…I cannot believe that all of you take this absolute crap seriously, what a bunch of morons! Enjoy blaming your own failures and inadequacies on the mossad, zionists and jews! Actually is there any point in me writing a comment as this could be a zionist plot also! Right, time for me to plot a coup somewhere, have fun

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