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Massive Mossad Clique Busted in Malaysian Airlines Hoax

One such Mossad Agent, Mole and Fake Malaysian Hoax Ex-Wife Elaine Wood, Says She Doesn’t Want Anyone to Contact Her

A man named, actually, code-named Phillip Wood is the only well-advertised American who supposedly died in the March 8, 2014, Malaysian Airlines hoax crash, March 8, 2014. In the lying, deceiving Zionist-controlled media he is heavily described and extensively photographed, with images uploaded throughout the Internet, as are his lying, fabricating ‘relatives.’ Yet, no one by the name of Phillip Wood went missing that day. Nor did anyone by that name die in a plane crash. All these story-lines, mere lies, mere obfuscation.

It is absolutely false to claim that this man was a real passenger on a ‘gone missing’ Malaysian Airlines 777 on that day or that he died in a plane crash. He is a figment of the imagination, a mere head and body corrupted in visual imagery through photographic manipulation.


That’s a very long index finger on the left hand, and his right hand is surely huge, too huge to match the rest of his body. Once again, his facial features are in poor resolution, while the foreground and background are much tighter. Clearly, he has been installed artificially into this image.

The fraudster is repeatedly seen in highly suspect images; he is virtually always by himself:


It is yet another entirely fake image, Mossad-style, with cut lines evident, diagonally, on the black shirt and also along the left edge of the neck. Too, part of his head appears to be missing. The image is blurry and vague, which is typical of purposely manipulated photos.

The photo below is merely a stock background, where the fake image of Wood was installed into the frame. He was not there; it’s not a real photo.


Why is this background on both sides so blurred? Surely, this is an attempt at obfuscation. He casts a shadow (with rigid edges, quite dark) to his left. No one else in the image casts such as shadow. Is the sun shining in a different direction for him? Moreover, why are his arms so blurry? How can they be mere fuzz, while the chest and abdominal area are far more defined.  No camera can do that. Only Photoshop fakery can produce such anomalies. The shadow has to be on everyone: no exceptions.

The fake Phillip Wood is surrounded by a host of ancillary fraudsters, a fake girlfriend, ex-wife, mother, father, two fabricated brothers, and two phony sons, who run cover for his fabricated disappearance and/or death.

It begins with the phony girlfriend, Mossad agent Sarah Bajc. In fact, Bajc, possibly her real name, is married to someone else, Stephen Bajc, as advertised on the latter’s personal Web pages. There is not a single photo depicting her with ‘Wood’ that isn’t photoshopped.

If he is not by himself, then, he is seen ‘shopped’ in with Sarah Bajc or other phonies, like the two Zionist mole fake sons.

Once again, the images are contrived. Note the significant difference in color of the tissue on the left neck of Wood versus the right side; smiley faces with sunglasses propped on the head. The blur tool was used on both necks to soften the cut lines from the cut-and-paste operation.


Here he is cut-and-pasted into the frame between the two fake sons. Note son ‘Christopher’s’ exceptionally long – and straight – thumb. Try doing that with your thumb. Once again, through the Zionist cabal normal human anatomy has been defied.

The fake girlfriend

Regarding the non-girlfriend and Mossad mole Bajc in her attempt to make this appear real could it get any more fake than this?


Our caption: a screen capture of an ABC News interview with Sarah Bajc, as she shifts her eyes to the far right and speaks out of the corner of her mouth

She is an absolute fraudster, and her behavior in the interviews alone proves that she is an agent. Look at that contrived appearance she represents. Therefore, the disappearance of a Malaysian Airlines 777 (alternating as crash) is a hoax.

Here is one of the typical social media posts made by this filthy spy:

“Can you feel my love coming through to you? It is bottomless, so it should be able to reach, no matter where you are,” Bajc wrote Friday. That is, as in the bottom of the sea.

These individuals are known Zionist extremists. How else could they have gotten, immediately, such major presence on the major Zionist-controlled networks? Damn them all, they are nothing other than filthy liars.

The liar and the cheat has been given significant support to the fraud through other Mossad cell elements, notably Madison Bajc, through her Twitter feed, along with her real husband, Stephen Bajc. All have been hired by the Zionist hierarchy to orchestrate this scam. Incredible though it seems, it is very real.


The fake ex-wife

Then, there is supposed ex-wife Elaine Wood. She, unlike Bajc, wants to stay out of the limelight, asking to be left alone:


What a mole she is, seeking to hide from the world, going underground after spreading lies and great deception. Note, though, the business-like, actually, fraud-based nature of her statement, “Dear News Media, Phillip Wood was a wonderful man” and “That is my statement,” that is ‘don’t attempt to interview me.’ In other words, ‘I signed on with the Mossad for this wretched act, but I don’t want to be put on the spot; I might flub up.’

She claims she has had two sons by a man named Phillip Wood. There is no evidence for this. Nor can her words in this regard be to any degree trusted, since she claims they are grieving sons of a man who was actually on a jetliner that crashed or disappeared. There was no plane crash. There is no wreckage. There was no flight named MH3709 in the air that day. Therefore, the woman known as Elaine Wood and the sons named Christopher and Nick are malicious in their intent and are purposely spreading lies about an event that never happened.

This means they are Zionist moles and spies. There can be no other conclusion.


This is supposed to be Elaine Wood in this heavily photoshopped photo. Regardless, how can she be who she says she is, when one of the few photos available has clearly been corrupted?


It looks like her hands consist of a mixture of three hands. Count the fingers and the thumb coming out of the right side area. There are at least six digits. What a mangled mess it is. There are even parts of fingers and hands in this Photoshop butcher job.

Now, note the person in the image below. Although she claims to be Elaine Wood her real name is Nancy Zoller. This image, taken, apparently, in Texas is being used to depict her as the fake ex-wife of the non-existent Phillip Wood, while the youth on the left screen is posing as Wood’s fake son. It appears instead that this person is actually the nephew of Zoller (per research by one of our posters).


The fake sons

One of the fake sons offers himself in the media as Christopher Wood, the other, Nick Wood. Yet, as discovered by poster under the handle “cowboy,” his real name is apparently Ryan Zoller, the picture, left screen, being identified by that name. It would appear that they are an exact likeness. This is a tremendous discovery, which demonstrates the methodology used by Zionist criminals to spread their fraud. It is a tribe, and these vile ones work within that tribe. It would be thought, though, that someone who knows Zoller would realize the likeness and report it as so.

This Facebook profile identifies a man who looks just like Christopher Wood as Ryan Zoller:


Nick-Wood-Philp-wood-son  malaysianhoaxzoller1

However, he had a low profile prior to the fake crash. When the terms “Ryan Zoller” and “images” are put into the Google search engine only the one picture, left screen, demonstrating a likeness, surfaces:


The nostril is highly distinctive in this individual, as is the left corner of the mouth. It is, apparently, an older (today’s) Zoller versus the image of the younger one, right screen. The length of the face, the nature of the eyebrows, and the nose appear to be similar enough to warrant further investigation.

Here is the other fake ‘son’, known as Nick Wood:


This Zionist mole is obviously the brother of the other fake son.

The phony mother

The mother is also an absolute phony and is purely a crisis actor. She shows no emotions, and sheds no tears.


Look at this fraudster with another phony griever in coordination, a third one in the back. They are all spreading the lie of the disappearance of ‘Phillip Wood’ maliciously. These people are fakes, and they cannot prove otherwise.


The fake brothers, James and Tom Wood

Two additional Zionist moles have joined the foray, spreading additional fabrications on behalf of the fake passenger (and phony crash). Once again, they have received a prominent position in the Zionist-controlled press:

None of them show any emotion, and that includes the great fraudster in this scam, Sarah ‘fulminant Zionist’ Bajc. It’s merely a business transaction on behalf of the liars and cheats of world Jewry.
They are interviewed as if movie stars, even though all that they spout are lies.

<p> 	Up until recently, Tom Wood, brother of Philip Wood, said they were hopeful for his safe return.</p>

He is yet another mole who has the propensity to speak out of the corner of his mouth. Clearly, this represents a rather large Mossad clique, either as direct Zionist agents or through proxy support agents, who had all been predetermined for their deceiving, falsifying roles.

Even so, what do all such people have in common? It is the promotion and maintenance of that diabolical entity, known as the Israeli regime, the only known vicious apartheid regime left on this planet.

This issue warrants further investigation.



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  1. Zionist Malice against MP Laurent Louis for standing against war on Mali and sex trafficking!

    Brutally and falsely arrested and beaten!

    The one Belgian politician who has exposed high level child traffickers and publicly endorsed the work of ITCCS, MP Laurent Louis, was viciously assaulted and arrested by Belgian police on Saturday as he peacefully collected signatures for his upcoming re-election bid.

    Mr. Louis was released after six hours in jail, and is bringing a lawsuit against the police responsible.

    Mr. Louis is scheduled to meet with ITCCS officials and Rev. Kevin Annett later this month to lend support to the second major common law court case involving Vatican child trafficking.

    “This sick and unprovoked attack on Monsieur Louis is aimed at all of us and at democracy. But we will not let child killers destroy their accusers like this. We will provide real security to brave fighters like Monsieur Louis and Kevin Annett so this cannot happen again” said George Dufort, ITCCS official, in Brussels today.

    More here:

  2. My favorite part about this phillip wood character was how incredibly special ops type personality he was…….lol. He supposedly managed to get his iphone shoved up this *** and somehow managed to get off a substantially long text message while being held hostage. How does one shove a whole iphone up one’ *** and then get it out a text while your hands are bound. Well, apparently the ‘phone’ checks out to have sent the text from Diego Garcia, but it wouldn’t be too hard for US military to do that. Question is WHY? Terrorize, yes. Excuse to search the oceans so they can drop remote controlled nukes in them? What exactly ARE they up to?

    • I don’t know what they are up to, that is to such a degree that they would fake back-to-back plane crashes while using the same airline co.

  3. ROFLMAO his left hand is too large…. THAT IS DUE TO PERSPECTIVE …. fooking imbicils !

    Whoever wrote this piece of **** deserves to be locked up and gagged ! You are not worthy of writing … especially not about truth…

    Man you are a complete RETARD …all your “evidence” is BULLSHIT !

    Any photographer can tell you WHY his hands look bigger … you dumb unintelligent problem stirring lying piece of **** !

    Yes I speak foul language… strange eej … when you spit such nonsense over such a serious matter…

    Do the world a favor… NEVER WRITE AGAIN !

  4. Being a photographer I can explain ALL photos !

    This writer is talking BULLSHIT !

    use you fooking brain readers… you freakin retards !

    1st picture (allready debunked see previous post)

    2nd pic… clearly he is not by himself… the photo was not taken by him… look at arms … (DEBUNKED) … ow and is it suspicous to be in photos by yourself ??? even when 3 of the 5 pictures shown here are NOT of him alone ???? How fooking retarded are you people ????

    3rd picture clearly see the same shadows from other people…. (DEBUNKED )

    4th… there is no need for BLUR in Post processing… lenses are ALWAYS softer on the SIDES !!!!!!!!! You need a lesson in photography IDIOT ! Why do you write this **** when you have NO KNOWLEDGE ????????? IDIOT !

    5th And unusually long thumb… woooooo what a suprise… google unusually long thumb… you will see its not common but by no means exceptional

    This article is for retarded gullible stupid people…

    You have to be unbeleivably STUPID to believe this **** !

    No im not a native English speaker… thats why my grammer is imperfect… but those who jugde a comment by its style rather then its content shouldnt read at all !

  5. i cannot decide whether this is one of the funniest websites i have ever seen or it is just pathetic…I cannot believe that all of you take this absolute **** seriously, what a bunch of morons! Enjoy blaming your own failures and inadequacies on the mossad, zionists and jews! Actually is there any point in me writing a comment as this could be a zionist plot also! Right, time for me to plot a coup somewhere, have fun

  6. MDK, I don’t even care your comment is from over 2 years ago. It may as well be yesterday you posted this blasphemous garbage. I don’t know which is more pathetic, the fact you would post this on a site such as this, where people are well aware of the bullshit going on by the ZioPigJewry. or that you likely aren’t even a PAID troll and are just THAT big of an asshole for the sheer hell of it, making you a jackass as well as an asshole.

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