**Breaking News** — 05 July 2016
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Zionist Role in the Ramadhan Truck Bombing and Mass Slaughter of Baghdad’s Muslims

There are those who claim that Islam is a source of terror, rather, the source. What filthy, treacherous liars they are. It is a distraction, because it is Islam’s enemies, which are the ultimate source of global terror, while Islamic people are the primary victims, in some cases exclusively so.

How can the primary victims of terror, the ones murdered wantonly; how can they also be the key perpetrators? It makes no sense to anyone with a thinking mind.

Despite this, who is the global boogey-man? It’s the Muslim, of course. That is the one to fear. What a grand distraction it is. Yet, it is the Islamic people who are the primary victims of global intrigue as well as mass terror acts. Claims that Islam is the source are grossly fabricated to such an extent that entire hoaxes are committed to attribute terror to Islam, that is events that don’t even occur that are merely staged such as San Bernadino, Ft. Hood, Orlando, and far more

In this most horrible attack upon Ramadhan celebrators, clearly, the common people, the unarmed and non-threatening people, were targeted. Many of the victims suffered a most horrific death, being roasted alive inside of the targeted building complex, practicing Muslims who were enjoying their last days of the Ramadhan fast. Is not anyone speaking out against this, that they were specifically targeted, because they are Islamic people and that they were about to enjoy their Ramadhan feast?

The perpetrators knew these area was bustling with people in preparation for that celebration. The purpose was to inflict the most massive damage possible, causing the greatest conceivable number of casualties. It is clear that they were killed because they are Islamic people, although this will be disguised under the guise that it is ‘sectarian violence.’ This alone is proof of a Zionist plot. The fact is fomentation of sectarian strife in the Middle East is a well-coordinated, relentless scheme used by these criminal minds to undermine Islam.

Does anyone remember this? It is an image of two SAS agents caught posing as Muslims, plotting to blow up a Basra-area public marketplace. They even wore wigs and special gowns to make themselves appear ‘Islamic.’ The purpose was through a mass terror attack precisely to create angst between various Islamic ‘sects’ and through this to destabilize the region:

Each Ramadhan Muslims are targeted for mass slaughter by criminal agents of the arch-Zionist cabal, godless as they are, who seem to lust in their yearly Ramadhan blood-bath. Every year during Ramadhan the Zionists plot against the Muslims. It should be expected. It should be anticipated that they will murder many. Evem so, sure, it is, right. The Muslims did it to themselves. They fast and they go out and seek public markets and kill fellow worshipers.

Iraqi men mourn over bodies after they lost five members of their family in a suicide bombing that ripped through Baghdad's Karrada

Above is seen an entire family of people murdered outright; no one can fathom the degree of shock and horror that the victims’ relatives must now suffer.

Only high explosive could cause this degree of damage, this extent of flash damage and mangling of metal:

The explosion was so fierce that it blasted the side off the shopping centre and completely destroyed vehicles nearbyA fireman hoses down a burning building after the suicide car bomb in the Karrada shopping area in Baghdad, Iraq

The explosion was so fierce that it blasted the side off the shopping centre and completely destroyed vehicles nearby. Thus, the perpetrators were fully supported by the various spy agencies, including those operating from Saudi Arabia and/or Qatar and certainly the Zionist strip.

Even so, somehow, though, the world is supposed to believe that the Muslims did this: to themselves, that is through so-called radicalized elements. This is a ruse. There were no such bombings in Iraq prior to the Zionist conquest. After the trumped-up, fully Zionist coordinator war, then, great acts of public terror were committed: routinely.

The attack, caused by an explosives-filled lorrie, killed some 200 people, many of whom were roasted alive. What was the source of the bombs/explosives? It goes back to the interventionist actions of the Zionists through their plot to secure “Greater Israel.” It was this plot which was the genesis of the Iraq invasion:

Hundreds of tons of powerful explosives and bomb-making material were looted from unguarded weapons sites following the US invasion of Iraq in 2003. They were later used in successive waves of attacks against Iraqi civilians and US soldiers.

Make no mistake about it this was the cause, that is this invasion, of the destabilization of the Iraqi nation. Further proof is evident from an article by Global Research, where the Zionists fully revealed themselves through their agent George Tenet:

…give the CIA what Tenet labeled “exceptional authorities” to attack and destroy al Qaeda in Afghanistan and the rest of the world.” Tenet cited the need for such authority “to allow the agency to operate without restraint.

plot against islam

This, then, makes sense. This murderous act is being widely attributed to ISIL, the moniker for a Zionist-orchestrated mercenary entity. Those “exceptional authorities” include the arming and training of ISIL Takfiri terrorists, for instance, and their indoctrination. Is it the US and the Israelis who are teaching them about the supposed 72 virgins, since there is absolutely no such reference in the Qur’aan itself?

Regardless, technically, ISIL stands for Islamic State of the Levant. By the way no Muslim uses the word, “Levant.” Rather, it is a term invented by Western states to define parts of the Middle East, a common term, also, used by Orientalists. Per Wikipedia:

The name Levant States was used to refer to the French mandate over Syria and Lebanon after World War I.[1][2] This is probably the reason why the term Levant has come to be used synonymously with Syria-Palestine…

The term became current in English in the 16th century, along with the first English merchant adventurers in the region; English ships appeared in the Mediterranean in the 1570s, and the English merchant company signed its agreement (“capitulations“) with the Grand Turk in 1579 (Braudel). The EnglishLevant Company was founded in 1581 to trade with the Ottoman Empire, and in 1670 the French Compagnie du Levant was founded for the same purpose. At this time, the Far East was known as the “Upper Levant.”

The Levant is nothing other than so-called Eretz Israel:

As ISIL, the “L” defining so-called Greater Israel “of the Levant” is an invention of Israeli Secret Intelligence Services. Then, the claim of responsibility ties directly back to the Zionist mob.

The current bombings in the Middle East post the attack on Istanbul Airport are a Zionist plot fully coordinated and orchestrated by the Israeli Mossad and its collaborators.

There are those who claim that Islam is a source of terror, rather, the source. What filthy, treacherous liars they are. It is a distraction, because it is Islam’s enemies which are the ultimate source of global terror, while Islamic people are the primary victims. Zionism will not allow itself to die without fighting back. It’s classic fight is to commit great acts of terror against unarmed, unsuspecting people, may God give them all strength. All they were doing was celebrating the worship of their Lord in the best way possible. No wonder they were targeted by the God-hating Zionists for destruction. In this regard this could not have happened, not like this at 2:oo a.m., without it being carefully calculated, premeditated.

They are truly good ones, true martyrs, truly loved by their high Lord and in good order with Him, despite any suffering and horror their relatives do feel.






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  1. Baghdad victims – real compared to Istanbul “victims”…..

    • Germany – A three day state visit to Sauerkrautland kicks off on Wednesday with a Bavarian beer drinking contest between Chancellor Angela Merkel and Queen Elizardbirth von Battenberg.

      Later the women are due to take part in a traditional bratwurst eating competition ingesting yards of Westphalian garlic sausage via the usual diplomatic bodily orifices.
      All washed down by gallons of Schnapps.
      Other jollies planned for the occasion are Nazi-themed face painting sessions of Hitler mustaches on David Cameron.
      The British Prime Monster is thought to be piggybacking the German state visit solely for the publicity shits. Uh, shots.
      The Queen is also scheduled to visit the newly revamped Waffen-SS building where her father the Fuehrer created his loathsome World War II protection squad.
      Festoond with a 21st century versions of the swastika the compound now serves as the European Union justice headquarters.
      A trip to the Nazi gas chambers may also be on the cards.
      Commenting on the historic occasion the German ambassador to the Caught of St James’s said, “Shh, do not mention ze bloody vor.”

  2. Watch out, follks, strings of attacks – both hoaxed and real – in Muslim countries. Take Saudi Arabia for now, one of terrorists mother land. Do u expect the attack to have been real?


    • BILLINGSGATE POST: Guccifer, The Maniacal Zionist Romanian Hacker who accessed Hillary Clinton’s private E-mail server, will be extradited to the United States shortly.

      In the April edition of The Hacker’s Handbook, Guccifer describes how he first cracked Hillary’s code while she was furtively consulting with her mysterious guru, Sydney Blumenthal.
      Using an arcane App downloaded from, How To Spy On Your Neighbor Using Ornithology, Guccifer described to FBI agents how he used a reverse sequence Woodpecker App to break into Mrs. Clinton’s server.
      To the casual observer, the monotonous nodding of Hillary’s head while she pecks away at explaining why she doesn’t give a rat’s *** about what happened in Benghazi might appear innocuous. However, as Guccifer explains, this tendency is not random. Using the Woodpecker Code Reverse Sequence App previously mentioned, he was able to algorithimically do what he called a “Quasimodo shuffle.”
      By humping together Hillary’s pecking sequence, reversing its numerical values by a predetermined inorganic value, he was able to crack her Blackberry code, thereby enabling him to view all of her personal and State Department correspondence in real time.
      NOTE: This information was gleaned from anonymous sources close to the FBI, CIA, the State Department and President Barack Obama.

      • Texas frackers tender for Vatican’s lucrative exorcism, relic-selling and excommunications business

        Dispute centers around who turned Planet Earth into the biggest pile of filth

        Irving, Texas – A hydraulic fracturing trade association is bidding to take over large parts of the Vatican’s hocus pocus division after the Pope fingered the global fossil fuel industry for turning the planet into a ‘pile of filth’.

        Executives at the Irving-based FrackOff! Inc believe the Vatican monopoly on industrial-scale ‘filth piling’ must be challenged following Frankie the Argie’s recent remarks.
        This morning they launched an anti-trust law suit about unfair competition regarding paedo cover-ups, sales of altar boy-themed indulgences and the excommunication of nay-sayers.
        “His Holiness should stick to the day job,” lawyers for the lobby argue as they outline how the Pope’s off-side foray into the weather catastrophe business breaches traditionally accepted parameters about ecclesiastical bullshit.
        And they’re promising to pull out all the stops to topple what they see as the Pope’s predatory incursion into ‘stuff he knows nothing about’ ahead of the launch of their very own Fake Turin Shroud.
        Discovered in shale rock formations just outside Midland, Texas, the ‘holy relic’ has already been radio carbon dating tested to ‘prove’ its provenance.
        A slurry – uh, flurry! – of supernatural miracles is bound to follow soon.
        Lawyers acting for the Vatican are said to be studying the court papers which challenge Pope Francis’ allegations about ‘who is behind turning Planet Earth into the biggest pile of filth’.
        A stockpile of Vatican-owned Zyklon-B nerve gas used by the Nazis and laid down ‘like a fine wine’ by Hitler’s Pope Pius XII in the Roman Catacombs may shortly be announced as the plaintiffs’ Exhibit A.
        Pope’s daughter Lucrezia Borgia is 669 tomorrow.

  3. REVERSAL OF FORTUNE? ‘Sunni Jihadis’ Bomb Saudi Holy Mosque?


  4. Real vs Fake,
    Baghdad Iraq – real zio Massacre to serve Israel
    Istanbul Fake Attacks to Serve Israel & ZioPuppet Turkey Leaders!
    You can see from ziotrash CNN’s Drone footage that it is Israeli style genocide like in Palestine & Lebanon. Except here they use only heavy incendiary missiles & rounds, since the structural damage is mininal while the human death toll looks like it must have been nearly 100 percent of anyone in these outide appartments-condos-homes facing the street. The zionist psychopaths love burnt murdered human sacrifices to Moloche in accord with their insane evil Babylonian Talmud. The Israelis & zionists know they must have continued false flag terror attacks in Iraq to keep American & other goyim soldiers Occupying Iraq. NSA & CIA Drone strikes are so compartmentalized that the zionist could have had one small section of NSA & few NSA computer drone operators aka geeks do it all from one office. Or the same with CIA.
    (Youtube CNN Drone video withheld due to automated blocking. See my next post.

    • Orangutan Has Sex With Donald Trump’s Hairpiece

      A distraught Trump vows to build yet another wall
      An orangutan named Buzz Tolstoy has just had sex with Donald Trump’s hairpiece, Kern County’s Channel 13 news has just confirmed.

      The real estate mogul and presidential GOP frontrunner, 70, was just wrapping up a campaign rally in Bakersfield, California, when the aforementioned Buzz Tolstoy jumped onto the podium, snatched the hairpiece off Mr. Trump’s head, and then continued to have sex with it, over and over again, right there on the stage.
      “We were just trying to track Buzz down. He had escaped earlier from the Bakersfield Zoo. When we finally got to the rally, Buzz was really pounding away at the wig. Which was pretty much unrecognizable by that point,” said zookeeper Joseph Henderson, 28
      Indeed. It was a real bad mess. Children of Trump supporters were focusing their gazes elsewhere, or covering their with eyes with their fingers, while the grisly assault on the hairpiece continued to take place, with no indication of letup whatsoever.
      Hannah Burrows, another zookeeper, was not surprised at all by Tolstoy’s attraction to “The Donald’s” hairpiece.
      “Tolstoy is not a degenerate. He saw something bright and orange and wild-looking; he felt that it was of his own breed. And then he had his way with it. So what? Given the circumstances, the act of consummation between orangutan and and a wild-looking orange-colored hairpiece was totally natural.”
      Trump is incensed, according to his longtime press secretary, Darin Whitfield. “The Donald feels totally traumatized and emasculated,” Darin told Channel 13 news, in a exclusive interview. “He promises that, once he’s in office, he’s going to build a huge wall around all the zoos in the United States, lest anything like this ever happens again.”

  5. Wow took 2 hrs of blocking BS just to post that! Yet Ziotrash *** Gabriel is back to posting fraudulent gibberish, disinfo lies perverted posts under other people’s named unopposed! Even under Dr K’s name!

    • Cape Canaveral, Florida- NASA scientists are elated with the newest findings from the Hubble telescope. The powerful telescope recently sent back images so far away, and so old, that they are believed to be pictures of the very beginning of time and space.

      The remarkably clear images show a gigantic explosion, or boom. Dr. Charlie Darwin III, head evolutionist at Oxford University, said, “In your face, organized religion, especially you fundamentalists from Virginia. This proves once and for all that science is the only true religion.”
      Religious groups around the globe are in an uproar, especially fundamentalists from Virginia.
      Wanting to gather as much information from the past as possible, NASA scientists sent in the Hubble microphone, a newly engineered, top-secret device designed as a counterpart to the telescope.
      The first sound bytes received from the boom site include an omnipotent voice saying, “What’s this button do?”

    • Space – A long range camera fixed to the Rosetta craft’s Philae Lander has snapped Buzz Aldrin on board the ISS taking a surreptitious dump.

      NASA’s famous spaceman and his pal Neil Armstrong were captured peeing out of the ISS saloon bar porthole following an evening’s zero gravity beer drinking.
      The ten foot urine stream was later videoed heading downwind towards the planet Uranus thanks to high tech wizardry of the Rosetta Orbiter’s subspace hyperlink.
      It is the first time that the Philae Lander’s camera has been able to spring into action following a six month hibernation period on the dark side of the moon.
      Originally programmed to observe and film chunks of the dirty ice that forms Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko the Philae Lander’s software may have been hacked according to worried NASA geeks.
      Alternatively a malfunction caused by solar wind downdraughts may have corrupted part of its sophisticated motherboard.
      Commenting on the pictures’ transmission the head of NASA urology said, “I thought Buzz Aldrin died years ago?”
      Yuri Gagarin is 109.

      • Grow up Hassan moron u r just annoying now.

  6. Hubble Telescope is a total hoax & admittedly has never taken a picture of earth from space! & Admittedly it has no real time tracking! lol!


    • FORT SILL, OK (STARS & STRIPES) Within moments of the Bush Administration’s failure to fund repairs to the NASA Hubble Space Telescope, an order was given to the US Army 30th Field Artillery Regiment to shoot down the aging telescope from its orbit around the earth.

      Bravo Battery, 2nd Battalion, 2nd Field Artillery carried out the unusual fire mission with its famous Ruben Rivers M101 Salute Howitzer. Although the M101 is normally reserved for firing military salutes in parades and funerals, Bravo Battery was proud to get a chance to show its skills in zeroing in on such a distant target. The artillery piece was named for Medal of Honor winner SSG Ruben Rivers for actions in France on 19 November, 1944. SSG Rivers was the catalyst for the first African-American soldiers to receive the Medal of Honor. SSG Rivers finally received his medal in January 1997, 52 years after the fact.
      “We hit that sucker with the 2nd round. Hooah!” exclaimed a young lieutenant from Bravo Battery. “Sure beats the livin’ **** out of firing blanks all day long!” Pieces of the Hubble Telescope soon began falling from orbit over a three state area. A large fragment fell on Bill Clinton’s boyhood home in Arkansas. Bush administration officials were quick to deny that this was planned. A smaller fragment hit an outhouse in Mississippi causing minor injury to a sharecropper and interrupting his morning duties.
      The big winner in the NASA budget this year is the exploration program aimed at returning to the moon and developing new technology that could pave the way for an eventual manned mission to Mars.
      “It’s a very tight budget year,” said John Logsdon of George Washington University’s Space Policy Institute. NASA “did get an increase where most agencies didn’t, but it was bad news for the Hubble program”
      Nevertheless, the 2.4 percent overall increase is only about half of what the White House had promised last year after President Bush promised to ramp up America’s space program. Shooting down the Hubble was seen as the only available option.
      NASA officials point out that the telescope was designed to last only 15 years. They also stress that the new budget contains development funds for the James Webb infrared telescope that is expected to reveal some of the earliest stars and galaxies formed after the Big Bang. It is scheduled to launch in 2011.

    • Ure an imbecile this blog is 4 serious posters not 4 irrelevant kids like u to talk constant ****.

  7. Hubble Telescope is Total Fraud!


    Note: Fraudster NASA has stolen atleast $790 Billion from the hated goyim American Tax slaves!

    • 2 More perverted, Fraudulent, Disinfo gibberish posts made by zionist Jew & *** Gabriel the cowardly deviant:
      (Brokeback *** Gabriel fake Version of:) Cowboy JULY 6, 2016 AT 2:16 AM
      Doctors Discover Man Suffers From “Compulsively Speaking Your Mind With No Pretense Then Quickly Changing It So As Not To Disrupt the Sensitivities of Society Syndrome”

      Indianapolis, IN – Doctors here at the Indianapolis State Medical Center have diagnosed the first man with a mental disorder they are calling: “Compulsively Speaking Your Mind With No Pretense Then Quickly Changing It So As Not To Disrupt the Sensitivities of Society Syndrome” – Or better known as CSYMWNPTQCCISANTDSSS..)…etc etc etc more ziotrash disinfo gibberish!

      (Brokeback *** Gabriel Fake version of:) Cowboy – Squats To Piss JULY 6, 2016 AT 2:02 AM
      BILLINGSGATE POST: Long cut off from the mainstream of American culture, it is no exaggeration to suggest that the white inhabitants of the Appalachian Mountains were transgender pioneers. Geographically isolated throughout most of their history…etc..etc…etc mpre Transgender Agenda Faggotry of Gabriel the Tranny lover!

  8. Crypto Jew ZioFreak Jean-Claude Juncker President of Euroean Union Commission c claims to European that he has been talking to aliens! I kid you not! This clown can lie as big & ridiculous with the best of the zio Liars like Spielberg & Elie Weisel!


  9. This is what the zioMedia & ZioMafia & Freemasonry does when you try to expose their criminal conspiracies!


    They bring out all the talking heads, crisis actors & media hit pieces & death threats
    & they frame you and/or kill you!

  10. BILLINGSGATE POST: Long cut off from the mainstream of American culture, it is no exaggeration to suggest that the white inhabitants of the Appalachian Mountains were transgender pioneers. Geographically isolated throughout most of their history, they were mistakenly thought to be socially conservative by pundits living in the metropolitan areas of The United States.

    Although their ethos and family values were considered old fashioned, the recent discovery of a three-holed outhouse in West Virginia gives question to whether the hillbillies who settled this region were homophobic or social progressives.
    Found in an upright position by a team from Indiana University Department of Gender Studies led by Dr. Melissa Cuthburt, it was immediately noticed that three symbols were etched above the door of the dilapidated structure; a male figure, a female figure, and what appeared to be a question mark. Upon opening the door it was noted that this was a three-holer, usually a sign that the family had at least three members who liked to poop together.
    Dr. Cuthbert, whose resume included her affiliation with the San Francisco branch of Dykes on Bikes and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, was initially thrilled to find this important evidence of transgender sexual inclusion among the mountain folk of West Virginia.
    Alas, after transporting the outhouse back to the Indiana campus for further examination, it was discovered that what was initially thought to be a question mark, was actually a hangman’s noose that had been partially disconnected at the lower-left side of the noose by the ravages of age and weather.
    Upon further research it was discovered that the noose was a symbol of what would happen to you if you tipped the outhouse over while a family member was using the facility; a typical Halloween trick endemic to the region.
    NOTE: It is important to note that the difference between a noose and a question mark can be as little as three inches.

    • Again in this fraudulent bizzaro gibberish post by deviant ziotroll Gabriel –he reveals his demented, perverted obsessions for toilets & Transexuals/Baphamet which he from the insane perverted Babylonian Talmud of the Jews. We can see by his post like this that Gabriel is one extremely demented, pervert ziotrash Jew freak!
      Gabriel may well be a Ziojew freak on the level with Jewish tranny killer & necromaniac Ed Gein! Ziofreak perverts like Gabriel like to falsely project & portray good, decent, honest country people & farmers with their own insane, inbred, perverted sexual orientation & rituals!
      Gabriel’s mind is like a sack of maggots!
      (Brokeback *** Gabriel version of:)
      Cowboy – Squats To PissJULY 6, 2016 AT 2:02 AM
      BILLINGSGATE POST: Long cut off from the mainstream of American culture, it is no exaggeration to suggest that the white inhabitants of the Appalachian Mountains were transgender pioneers…etc..etc..etc…

      • Of course I can’t prove any of my accusations. I simply shout my insecurities.

  11. New Clearly proven Hubble & Jupiter Photoshop Fakery by disgraceful NASA fraudster criminals! It’s just amazing the amount of outrageous fakery NASA commits!


  12. (a)Orlando Hoax -Debunk this ZioTrash Liars!
    Matt Lube Musician & Actor of Orlando &
    Blue Animal Music Band-Bass Player
    1billion percent same ZioJew as Fake
    Dr Matt Lube of Orlando Hoax!

    • Yes I was my little brown cuddle monkey.

      • No worries, imitation Peekay. we got ur number aussie ****

  13. (b)Orlando Hoax -Debunk this ZioTrash or anyone else!
    Matt Lube Musician & Actor of Orlando & Bass Player is
    1billion percent same ZioJew as Fake Dr-
    Dr Matt Lube of Orlando Hoax!
    Fake Doctor, Treasonous Liar, fake event, PsyOp!

  14. NASA Pioneering Hoax Fakery & Buffoonery!
    NASA Actually claimed it sent a giant Mylar Balloon into space 1000 miles high in 1960! So this completely contradicts the idea of Space being a vacuum! And more insanely 1000 miles up would be between 1200 & 2000 degrees Farenhite! That is some magic duPont Mylar balloon Buffoonery? lol Maylar would melt at less than 200 degrees! And yet even crazy why would you send a giant balloon up on the tip of a Rocket at millions of dollars expense when you float it up like they do weather balloon to this very day??? Purely because it was a hollywood script a big fat fake NASA acheivement! Amazingly though Not as fake as today’s NASA BS atleast in as much as you actually launch a balloon into some high into “space” above earth. And you can have a balloon version of a Satellite above earth. Unlike the thousands of supposed satellites supposedly travel 16,660 mph to 17,000 mph in space in areas NASA CLAIMS are 1200 to 2000 degrees of heat!


    And for the trolls or others who the announcer made a mistake about 1000 miles above earth I went to NASA & SPACE DOT Com & that is what they claim!!!

    • wuh u say? Pls spl clr or no lngr on meh teem

  15. I’m a Sandy Hook father and here’s what you need to know about gun reform


    • Congratulations on the sex change.

    • Thank you Christinne for posting such a poignant article. The NRA have a lot to answer for and the more time goes on, articles like this make it so much harder for idiots to argue that mass shootings like Sandy Hook were a hoax.thanks again.

      • Ure welcome, but Sandy Hook remains a massive hoax and that “father” is definitely a liar. Welcome to the real world, mate!

        • Incidentally, in this real world I regard myself as a fashion model and credible investigator.
          All one has to do to acheive both is publish images of a pregnant gorilla and copy/paste articles from conspiracy websites. Easy!

  16. BUT HOW ELSE? Israel: Tel Aviv Cafe Attackers Inspired by Islamic State


  17. The man who has died in three terror attacks this year: Ex-friends who say they were cheated out of money take revenge by telling news outlets he’s a victim


  18. SPEAKING OF FAKERY – Oops: PBS gets around rainy Fourth with fake fireworks footage


  19. So if anyone but Hillary did this they would be in big trouble? Rite…


  20. 30 000 emails admitted and 70000 hidden.

    Hillary Clinton Email Archive


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