**Breaking News** — 26 January 2017
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The Zionist Zaka Crime Syndicate and the Hoax 2006 Tel Aviv Suicide Bombing

What a litany of arch-cowardly Zionists they are, faking actual death and destruction when nothing of any sort occurred, while, in fact, committing great decimation upon the earth. This is the nature of the Zionist mob, a clique which is absolutely out of control, committing reckless abandon on the earth. Thus, these criminals minds as a means of attempting public influencing and also as a means to gain support for their illicit cause faked yet another suicide bombing, in this case the Tel Aviv one of April 17, 2006. Here, it was claimed that an America-based Jew, Daniel Wultz was wounded and ultimately died. This is not true. It’s a hoax. No one died, and no one was injured. Yet, there are a number of videos throughout the Internet portraying this is true, largely based on the arch-fake death of bombing victim impostor, Daniel Wultz and his hoaxing parents.

Yet, Zaka Zionist extremists were there, infesting the site, acting as if this was real. It is the Zaka clique which is behind the majority of these purported mass ‘terror’ events in the Zionist strip, real or fabricated.

Thus, it is said:

Zaka religious volunteers, with yellow vests, and Israeli police are seen at the site of suicide bomb attack near a fast food restaurant in Tel Aviv Monday, April 17, 2006. A Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up near the restaurant in a busy commercial area during the Jewish holiday of Passover.

Sure, it happened, right, poor Jews, precisely during Passover. Who in the world finds such nonsense believable? The wimpy bomb wasn’t even capable of blowing over the plastic chair or the other chairs and/or damaging the signage. Where is all the char and smoke? Why is nothing on fire? Anyone can see from the image above that this is nothing other than fabricated, purely staged. Yet, what do people do? They see the treacherous falsified postings by the Zionists and proclaim, “Oh, right, religion of peace” and similar derogatory posts/statements against the Islamic faith. They are being bamboozled, fully accepting the lie.

There is no bomb-related damage anywhere. Anyone can see this. Yet, on the ground there is plenty of fake blood.  Compare this to real bomb-blasts such as the car bombs and others detonated by the cowardly Zionists against Lebanese innocents:

This bombing occurred in Jan. 2014, and unlike this Zionist hoax it was a real bombing with actual injuries and fatalities, God rest their souls. It was people of the Hezbollah region who struck, when a powerful bomb exploded among unsuspecting civilians in Beruit suburb.

How can these images possibly compare? In fact, there is no comparison, one causing wanton bloodshed, the other drawing false sympathy for the fabricating Zionists:

It’s just open a hood and a bunch of open doors, while dumping a bunch of junk and other matter on the ground, and this is supposed to represent a bomb-blast? There is no blast damage to those cars of any kind and, thus, the damage in the background does not relate. The fabricating father of the non-deadl Wultz claims that the back-pack had 40 lbs of explosives Where, then, is the blast damage?

Even so, it is reported that:

Do any of these people look like actual victims of a deadly back-pack bomb, reportedly, according to the Zionists, containing some 40 pounds of high explosive? How about the rabbi? Does he appear wounded?

What about the rabbi’s leg? Where are his lacerations? Where are the puncture wounds? How is this Zionist actually injured?

In fact, by no means is the Zionist injured to any degree. It is like the Boston Smoke Bombing Hoax, a total fake.

What about the lady in pink? She shows up quite often in this scam?  Why did she undress herself down to her underwear?

They pulled her pants down to make it appear realistic and to give it some shock value. Yet, there are no burns on her of any kind, no shrapnel wounds, no char: nothing.

What about this individual? Once again, who is he wounded? Where in the world are his shrapnel wounds?

Once again, there is no evidence of any wounds to any degree. There is surely no evidence of bomb-blast injury to this individual’s ‘body.’

Here is the star of the show. He puts on a fair act. Yet, there is no real blood, here. There are no blast wounds. There is no char. There are no open wounds of any kind. It does look like someone threw a couple of livers on the ground.

Look at this evidence of a hoax. Who could need more than this? What is that person doing lying on the ground? Why aren’t these people being mobilized? Why stay around for a camera-shoot if you have bomb-blast injuries?

The woman is using her purse as a pillow. It’s nonsensical if not outright sophomoric. Nevertheless, by no means are these people injured to any degree. They are faking it.

So are Daniel Wultz’s parents, make no mistake about it. That Boston Smoke Bombing-Sandy Hoax-style furtive glance tells it all.

He is sickening enough, as he closes with his pitch for the “foundation” as well as the major political push for so-called ‘Islamic radicalism.’ saying ‘Americans, especially, just don’t know’ how bad it is. He even said there are ‘socities’ which ‘breed’ “hatred” from a “very young age.” The arch-falsifier, he is taking advantage of a treacherous lie to himself sow hate. He is the hate-monger, not the Islamic people of the Middle East who are fighting for their lives.

How about her false attempt show grief, which is blatantly obvious as she speaks with forked tongue.

How much, though, did the foundation collected based on lie and deceit?

So are the rest of the Zionists, ‘boo-hoo:’

And these Zionists, too – notice that there are no real tears to be seen anywhere and that, absolutely, they are all faking it:

Classmates at David Posnack Hebrew Day School pray for Daniel Wultz.

There is not a tear being shed; it’s all fake.

Since the injuries are fabricated, this means that so is the purported bomber:

What is he doing wearing a shirt which says in English Army? This is an elaborate PhotoShop fake with a fake head installed on the body, though poorly done and, in fact, obviously fabricated. So is his surname, al-Ghoul, obviously a trick by the Zionists.

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  1. Correct. It has been installed, there.

  2. I remember that Beirut bombing as if it was yesterday. A well orchestrated hoax, to be sure. Nobody was injured and nobody died. Who can prove otherwise?

  3. Cowboy likes it bareback. Especially with his fellow Zionists at truck stops.

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  5. jews are fake-*** freaks any-way…never believe any-thing any jew tells you and never trust a jew!

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