Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 29 January 2017
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Zionists Fake 2002 Hebrew University Bombing for Sympathy and to Commit Further Crimes

Make no mistake the purported bombing of Jerusalem’s ‘Hebrew’ University is an arch-fake and absolute fraud. Moreover, it is impossible to prove otherwise. This is a post-911 fraud. It’s an attempt to greatly demonize the Palestinian people and the Islamic people at-large. It demonstrates the degree of deception and treachery used by rabid, extremist Zionist agents, showing that they are, in fact, the arch-enemies of humankind.

Notice the supposed bombing scene. How is this a bomb? Where is the bomb-blast damage, the char, the smoke, the fire, and more? If there is no fire at the time of these photos, then, why is there no water spread about as a residue for putting out that fire?

Zionist mole Perlman says that bodies were blasted all over the place. What a crock of nonsense it is. This was mere dramatics for monetary gain, as it was used to attempt to sue Palestinians for damages. It’s like the HoloHoax, mere lawsuits and money-grubbing based upon lies.

“Palestinian authorities” sanctioned it? Did they provide them with a hoax movie scene crew?

Notice the ceiling tiles. These were merely pulled down. A close-up of the table shows that the bomb-blast was so feeble it couldn’t even blast off the aluminum can.

Image result for victims; pratt bus; bombing; jerusalem; 2002; images

See the Jewess, above. See, clearly, here nature. Notice her contrived facial expression. She is a fraud, no doubt about it:

What an arch-fraudster she is. Where are the wounds that could account for the degree of red matter seen in the cloth? She is stretching the lie so much that her eyes rolled all the way up, just whites showing. The Zionist has not a single wound anywhere on her body. The fraud meter has moved in this case to the extreme.

What about these arch-fraudsters? Notice the inevitable water bottles, close at hand. What a litany of treacherous criminal minds they are.

The Jewess in the middle is still alive. Notice the water-bottle and the purse. There is a DHS-style staged hoax. No wonder it took the Zionists to achieve such scams in the United States with their intensive experience in this regard. Notice, regardless, the lack of bomb-blast damage in all individuals.

First, she is smirking and smiling, then, suddenly, she looks like she’s about to die. How absolutely sophomoric it is.

Here’s another image of the woman in the middle, staged, now, to look as if she is dead, the hand showing as part of the scam.

What about this arch-fabricator? What is the purpose of putting the phony, bloody shoe by the head. How absolutely, ridiculously fake it is.

Here is yet another perfect example of the use of paint, not real blood, to commit a fraud, to influence the world to side with the Zionists:

Image result for Benjamin Blutstein; victim; bombing; hebrew university; images

The lack of any wounds that would account for the red coloring matter is clear and evident. Moreover, none of these people are being attended to by emergency care workers. The only focus or ‘care’ that is going on is to be sure they are all well-represented before the cameras.

What about the following phony? Where are her wounds? Where are the paramedics? This is a DHS-style hoax, no other possibility.

See how she was painted. It couldn’t be more obvious than this. The Zionists perpetrated a grand hoax and they went after the world, used the courts, leveraged their lawyer asset and the compromised American system: all to commit a grandiose fraud: proven, here.  This was not a Palestinian bomb or retribution attack or an attack or bombing of any other kind. Nothing happened, here. No one was killed. It was a scam to gain funds and sympathy for Zionist plots, including the creation of the Apartheid wall.

Here is information about the trumped-up lawsuit, HoloHoax-style, per the Times of Israel:

A wide range of emotions washed over members of 11 families of terror victims as they learned last Monday that they had won a civil case against the Palestinian Authority and PLO. With the jury awarding them $218.5 million in damages, which may be tripled under the US Anti-Terrorism Act, their feelings of frustration about the protracted, decade-long legal process gave way to a sense of satisfaction: justice had been served.

In the landmark verdict handed down by a 12-person jury in the federal case tried in New York, the Palestinian Authority and PLO were held accountable for seven attacks that took place in Jerusalem between January 2001 and January 2004, killing 33 people and injuring over 400. The Palestinian Authority has vowed to appeal the ruling.

“Initially I was elated to hear the verdict, then a minute later I was crying because my son is still dead,” said Katherine Baker of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, whose son Benjamin Blutstein, 25, was killed in a bombing of a cafeteria at the Hebrew University on Mount Scopus on July 31, 2002.

“I am glad that liability has been attributed to the Palestinian Authority and the PLO, but it doesn’t change my life,” Baker said.


One of the greatest fraudsters of all is Mark Sokolow, New York lawyer, who was the so-called lead plaintiff in the scam. Here is another scam artist, Attorney Kent Yalowitz, gloating, along with other members of the Jewish mob, in the falsified judgement:

Now, no doubt, real bombings do occur, both in Palestine and the Zionist strip. This was not one of them. Even so, the lack of bomb-blast damage is hard proof of a fraud. There could not be a fatal bomb without such obvious damage.

Hoax index: beyond the pale, trillions to one.

Benjamin Blutstein


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  1. Ex1) Aurora IL, School Shooting of Lewis Univ. Prof (ZioJew) Matt Lange Hoax picking up 4yr Old from Polish Classes- Musician @ 2 Theaters Many Yrs

    Obviously this Professor is a Crisis Actor. He works at both Paramont Theater in Aurora & Rialto theater in Juliet Illinois. He has a 4 yr kid yet his obituary lists no wife!!! LMAO All his relatives in this Aurora & Oswego, Illinois Identity search have aliases as Soliszko ( Polish). Hi wife is probably Julita Soliszko. Yet his obit has only different relatives. Also there is a second identity of him too in Aurora also age 37…Which has different relatives but when I research more both have Joanne Soliszko alias Joanne Lange & then other searches show 4 of his Lange Relatives are alias as Soliszko…Plus there is another Matthew Lange school teacher who got kid in a car wreck last Dec 2016 who is supposedly 35 and of Genoa Illinios & I believe is also him in another Crisis Acting fake death. Especially since he still comes up as alive! Lol

    His Obituary as the Lewis Univ Professor (& these shows his longterm theater work as muscian & back stage):

    Dr. Matthew David Lange was taken tragically all too soon at the age of 37 on January 27, 2017. He was living in Oswego at the time. Matthew was born in Aurora on June 26, 1979.

    He was a graduate of West Aurora High School, Aurora University B.S., Illinois Benedictine Masters in clinical psychology and Northern Illinois University PhD in psychology.

    He had recently completed his doctoral thesis in psychology and was employed by Lewis University as an assistant professor in psychology and serving as the Accelerated Psychology Program Director.

    Matthew had many interests throughout his life. He was a band member throughout school. He worked for eighteen years backstage at both the Paramount and Rialto.

    Matthew is survived by his 4 and a half year old son, Alex, his parents, David and Sandy Lange, his sister Carrie (John )Keck; 2 nieces Grace and Madeliene; 2 nephews Gavin and Sebastian; Aunt Luanne Etheridge, Aunt Linda and Uncle Gerald Bradstreet , Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Paul Hendricker.

    Matthew was preceded in death by his grandparents, Raymond and Betty Lange and William and Leah Steinke and his Uncle Fred Etheridge.

    His obit & picture here. 3 often Jewish names in his family-ancestors on this obit..


  2. Another perverted, Fraudulent disinfo of Faggotry by twisted zionist jew tranny *** Gabriel the zionist jew troll.

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    I forget what I was thinking about at the time but i am safe that my mouth was salivating in anticipation of tonite’s fun.

  3. Ex 2) Aurora Illinois Fake Naperville Scullen Middle School Shooting of Professor Matt Lange DHS Crisis Actor of Rialto Theater & Paramont Theater


    Aurora Native shot outside Naperville school while waiting for son, age 4

    A Lewis University psychology professor waiting in a Naperville middle school parking lot to pick up his 4-year-old son from a weekly Polish culture class Friday night was shot multiple times and killed.

    Police identified the victim as Matthew Lange, 37. Police Chief Bob Marshall said Saturday afternoon there is no one in custody, but he reiterated earlier statements that police do not believe there is a threat to the general public.

    Investigators recovered shell casings at the scene, but Marshall would not comment on any additional evidence collected.

    Lange, an assistant professor of psychology at the Romeoville campus, was at Scullen Middle School at 2815 Mistflower Lane to pick up his son from the weekly class, family members said.

    Police said Lange had been shot multiple times in the head. Lange was taken to Edward Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Attempts to reach the Will County coroner’s office were unsuccessful.

    Lange’s father David Lange said his son was an easygoing man and devoted father who was an Aurora native and graduate of West Aurora High School. His father, who is a retired teacher, said his son was a naturally gifted teacher who never stopped wanting to learn himself.

    Lewis University officials said Lange was the director of the school’s Accelerated Psychology Program and taught undergraduate courses, including personality and adult development.

    “Lewis University Community extends our deepest sympathy and prayerful consolation to the family and friends of Matthew Lange during this period of bereavement,” the school wrote in a statement Saturday night.

    On his introductory page on the university’s website, Matthew Lange describes his teaching style as “interactive with a focus on applying course topics to real life examples. My personal research interests include academic motivation and learning.”

    “He always had an interest in what made people learn and how people learn,” David Lange said. “But when (his son) came along, he was pretty much everything to him.”

    David Lange said his son’s ex-wife had signed the boy up for the classes and Matthew Lange picked his child up there “every other Friday.” Kendall County court records show Lange’s ex-wife filed for divorce in 2013 and it was finalized in 2015.

    Naperville school officials said two outside organizations were meeting inside the school at the time of the shooting and an “after-school club was concluding its activity.”

    Police Chief Marshall said investigators had interviewed multiple people who were at the scene, but no one who actually witnessed the shooting.

    The crime scene was quiet Saturday morning. Naperville patrol officers restricted entrance to the front parking lot of the middle school, where yellow crime scene tape blocked a wide section of pavement. Detectives, who investigated into the early morning hours, were not at the scene.

    The affluent Tall Grass neighborhood wraps around the middle school. Residents described the neighborhood as quiet and relatively crime free.

    Lucy Lane, 18, who lives in the neighborhood and once attended the middle school, was surprised when she heard about the shooting.

    “It’s a really safe neighborhood,” Lane said. “There’s really no crime. If anything, it’s someone stole something from a front yard.”

    Lane said her mother warned her to be aware of her surroundings, despite the police reassurances.

    “I’m just unsure because they didn’t catch the guy,” she said. “Everyone on Facebook was like ‘Is the guy running around loose?'”

  4. Ex3) Aurora IL Area Hoax Shooting of Professor @ Crime-Free Naperville @Scullen Middle Sch.


  5. Australian “Female” Tennis Player Samantha Stosur Is A Tranny-Man, ZioMason Cheat to Compete & Beat Real Women Just Like Serena & Venus Williams!

    The Tranny-Man Fake Sisters..
    Zionist Transgender Agenda Continues in & out women’s Tennis! And this has been going on in the Olympics since the 1930’s atleast!


  6. Ex 4) Aurora Illinois School Shooting Hoax- Another Recycled Crisis VicSim?? In Apparent Hoax Death of Matt Lange Teacher,IL,35 in car wreck in Dec-16-16 Coroner Anne Majewski! LMAO!
    So we have:
    Matt Lange of Genoa Illinois, 35, teacher, Car Wreck death Dec 16, 2016 VS
    Matt Lange of Aurora, Illinois, 37, Professor, School Shooting January 27, 2017..

    (& Notice the Coroner Anne Majewski!)
    Daily Herald Story.
    updated: 12/16/2016 4:29 PM
    Marengo crash victims identified

    The two people killed in a crash near Marengo have been identified.

    They were Matthew J. Lange, 35, of Genoa and Katie L. Kloess, 29, of Marengo, according to McHenry County Coroner Anne Majewski.

    Both were pronounced dead at the scene.

    An autopsy showed Lange died of blunt-force injuries to his head, spine and abdomen. Kloess suffered head injuries.

    The crash happened at 3:12 p.m. Thursday at Millstream Road and Route 176. Majewski said Lange was driving south on Millstream when he entered Route 176. Kloess was on Route 176.

    The crash remains under investigation by the McHenry County sheriff’s office.

    Kloess taught seventh grade at Zion Lutheran School in Marengo, according to the school’s website. It reports a wake will be held at Zion Lutheran Church Monday and Tuesday, and a funeral Wednesday.

    The Northwest Herald is reporting the crash involved two cars and a semitrailer. The driver of the truck was not injured.


  7. Trump Hoax Election Innauguration Ridiculous Tranny Crisis Actor Freakshow


  8. Ex98) Zio DHS Hollywood FL Airport Hoax Shooting Same Butchy Lesbo little Crisis Actor Busted Playing 2 Roles: False Witness & Airport Worker in Diffeent Costume! Absolutely Same 90 lb Crisis Actor!


  9. Ex180) Orlando Homo Holocaust Hoax Massacre Homo Crisis Actor Angel Colon Threatening Truthers!! Good! Let’s get this piece of zio$h#t Under Oath!

    He is mostly threatening TruthMediaRevolution & How I See The World. HowISeeTheWorld could be accused of violating two party consent law if he lives in California. But they can’t charge you in Florida if you don’t live there. They won’t anyway because he could the demand a trial by jury & subpoena’s of evidence & cross examination etc. No way canthe ziotrash allow this to get into court. Only of HowISee TheWorld is dumb enough to take a plea or fine before court will he get punished. And TruthmediaRevolution surely can’t be charged since they did not record the phone call & he probably does not live in California or Florida. Nor is the any prof he thought the recording was illegal.


  10. Ex181)Ex180) Orlando Homo Holocaust Hoax Massacre- Watch 9:20 mark & beyond! No Doctor or Staff in Gigantic cast Admits to treating Angel Colon’s Fake Injuries! None will since he was clearly NOT Injured At All! Waving his Scarless wrists around!

    This is great & total proof of this fraudster! No one medical personel admits to treating him knowing they could be proved a fraud themselves by claiming to have operated on his fake injuries which have no scars! Ofcourse they would remember a guy who came in with multiple bullets & required multiple surgeries!


  11. Buffoon Ziotrash Puppet Alex Jones Dances with 5 Israeli Jews!! Just like the 5 Israeli Jews Dancing in New Jersey on 911, with 1 Extra Traitor!

    Get a Rope! Alex Jonestein is a Traitor!


  12. Zionist Jews In Key Positions who perpetrated 911 Against Americans & then Covered It Up! Despicable Traitors!


  13. Israeli Owned ZioPuppet Hoax President Donald Duck Trump & The 5 Dancing Israelis Take a Dump On USA! Alex Jonestein & Trump Covering Israel’s Attacks on America! Lies About Palestinians!

    Trump is a ZioPuppet Clown 100 percent!!


  14. Ex182) Orlando Homo Holocaust Hoax Massacre As Fake As 6 Million Jews Killed in Poland! Famous Call by HowISeeTheWorld to Cri$is Actor & Fraudster Angel Colon the Proven Pathological Liar & Traitor!


  15. Heavens. It smells different around here without Rudolf the Revolting.

    • Hoax for sure

  16. Dr Khaleel,

    The toxicity here has increased exponentially. A thorough purging of the source is recommended.

  17. Ex1) 777 & 77 Coded Hoax Quebec City Mosque Shooting! Immigration Buffoon wearing 777 Coded Shirt & 14 shot aka 77 code. 6 Dead 8 wounded!

    Oh CANADA! Your getting Hoaxed Again!


  18. Awfully fake – Loner student ‘who liked Trump, Le Pen and mocked Syrian refugees online’ is charged with six counts of murder for gunning down Muslim men as they prayed in a Quebec City mosque


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