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Zionists Fake Turkish Suicide Bombing in Plot to Demonize Islam

Wax dummies, fake blood, phony wounded, fake good Samaritans, all as part of a Zionist scheme to demonize and diminish the Islamic faith

This post provides incontrovertible proof of a vile, hideous arch-Zionist plot to demonize Islam through fake suicide bombings, in this case the absolutely phony non-existent suicide bombing of March 19, 2016. It is an elaborate ruse, a fake: and there can be no possibility otherwise. Moreover, no one can doubt the goal: these criminal elements seek only one aim, which is to completely demonize the divinely-originated faith of Islam in order to undermine it, in order to give it a bad name.

Zionist Jewry will go to no end to attempt to demonize Islam. It is the ideal means to disguise from the world its high crimes. Even so, Islam bans wanton terror against the common people, regardless of their background, nationality, and/or faith. Yet, if the Jewish-controlled media were to be believed, the slaughter of innocents is routine, rather, sought after for certain Islamic people: if not the entire faith at-large.

Because of this plot and the imagery used to sustain it, only one faith or way of life will be attacked. Only one will be scandalized.

Thus, it is claimed that a Muslim suicide bomber, in fact, a Turk had blown himself up in the middle of the a shopping district, even though such a person is never seen on camera. This supposedly occurred on a Saturday, a purported attack on Istiklal Street in Istanbul: at about 11:00 local time.

What is seen is the incredible, which is a litany of Zionist moles, Israelis, many of them dual American nationals:


They are not smirking and smiling without good reason. These arch-Zionist agents are highly excited regarding what is about to come: global indignation against the Islamic faith based on a treacherous fraud.


They will fake this suicide bombing to the extreme, using every arch-hoaxing element conceivable, including dummies, fake body parts, fake dead, phony blood, pyrotechnic, non-toxic bombs, and more. This demonstrates the complete control the Zionists have over Turkish affairs.

Even so, it is said that four people died, three of whom were Israelis, the other, oddly enough, an Iranian. There were no Turks involved? How convenient, no need for fake funerals for the locals.

The entire affair was under the control of Israeli Secret Intelligence Services, that is ISIS, with the Turkish civil servants acting as their collaborators.

The Zionist fraudsters can be seen, here, walking down the street as if nothing is happening. It was a great act, no doubt; yet, they know full well that a pyrotechnic fake bomb is about to go off, one backed up with diatomacious earth and charcoal for added effect.


This image comparison is hard proof of plotting and scheming by these Jews for purposes of waging a plot against Islamic people.

In one of the videos it can be seen that one of these fraudsters is acting as coordinator, giving the signal to detonate the pyrotechnic device:


The signal is now complete. Two seconds are so later the phony bomb detonates, Boston Smoke Bombing Hoax-style:


Now comes the detonation, as the coordinator walks off the set. All the players at this time are Israeli Jews:


That detonation has no deleterious effects on anyone. Despite the ‘concussive’ blast, no one is blown down, while also no one, absolutely, is visibly injured.


As the arrows point out by no means are these people negatively affected by the bomb-blast. Now, Boston Smoke Bombing Style, the Zionists go into immediate action, bringing out dummies and fake body parts as well as initiating the staging of live people.

One man creates a bit of realism by faking it as if he was wounded and partially brought down:


Shortly thereafter, off to the side can be found a staging agent; the coordinator looks in her/his direction.

Here is a good view of the producer in the aftermath of the pyrotechnic detonation.

Istanbul explosion

Then, at some point in time thereafter the following image is seen:

Is this real or fake?

Just like the Malaysian Airplane crash hoax, it is a fake. These are phony dead, that is they are fake gore dummies. One of the more obvious dummies can be seen here:


They just dressed the dummy with clothes. It doesn’t even have a real face or eyes:


No human being looks like that, including a person involved in a real bomb-blast. If it is dead, why isn’t it bleeding? Here is another view:


That’s one fake bloated carcass, that’s for sure. Can a human do the spreads like that? And how could the arms get any straighter?

Here is a fake leg of which there can be no doubt, that is that it is absolutely fake gore:


The Zionists just tossed it there for effect. What about this arch-phony? How could it get more fake than this?

It’s a mere prop; there can be no other possibility. Could an arm be shredded like that without there being even a trace of blood? No one can find that plausible.


Who does this (fake) arm belong to, the Iranian or one of the three Israelis? Or, is it the property of the purported bomber?

What about the lady in the yellow scarf? She’s the same one as seen in the staging area surrounding by all the other crisis actors:


Does this look real? Of course, it’s not real. Looking directly into the camera, she’s a Zionist actor, like the others.


The scarf lady can be seen, here, in the midst of the bombing, running about and in good condition:


She seems to be looking at some instructions, as if her placed was marked in advance. Too, in this image where is the ‘suicide’ bomber? Where is his head?

What about this image? Is it real?


Why doesn’t the red matter under her buttocks relate to any wound or that found at her heel? Where did the Israeli with the latex gloves come from? Where did he get those gloves? Where are the paramedics?

Remember this?

This man is bleeding to death, but no one cares. They just want him to get plenty of camera-shots:

Why in the world would they be sucking blood out of him in the middle of the street?

Now comes the most elaborate part of the hoax, the purported head of the suicide bomber:

What happened to the five liters of blood? Where is the rest of the body? Where are his arms, legs, shoulders, torso, and more? Where is all the bloooooddd?


What an incredibly elaborate effort was made by the Zionists to create such a fabrication, even going to the extent of making a fake head in the likeness of the phony bomber. Even so, since the rest of it is fake, so, too, is this head a mere wax/latex production.

The coordinators are seen in full action in this overhead view, and there is good imagery of the wad of dummies in the center. See also the smearing of the fake blood. In this regard there is no arterial splatter to be seen: anywhere. All people are awaiting further instructions from the directors and producers.

Finally, an EMT arrives; yet there are no ambulances anywhere to be seen?

What are these people doing? Who thought that suicide bombing was a spectator sport?

There is no chance for dehydration, though; a massive stack of water is seen. What else could this be other than an off-loading for the crisis actors.

Final, absolute proof of a hoax seen in this image:

The image contains the following, activities of a moulage mole, the director, a Zionist in the background recording it on an I-pad, police tape marking off the staging zone, a crowd that makes no sense in the back, and yet another actor, as pictured in the original picture of Israeli Jews.


This, then, absolutely is a fake. No Israelis, nor anyone else, died. It fully demonstrates the ultimate myth, that is the myth of the Islamic suicide bomber.








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  1. 2 of you pics are broken. Scarf woman running round like a kid in a playground and the first one of the bombers head

  2. In other words, Jews at work as usual….

    • And gypsy bullshit artists.

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