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Zionists Jews Use Dummy Babies and other Fakes in 2002 Bus Bombing Hoax

Cruel beyond belief is the Zionist Jew, as he fakes terror attacks, domestically and globally, in order to facilitate greater and greater acts of treachery in order to further terrorize and brutalize his victims. This is the nature of the Zionist Jew. Such a one is a criminal mind to the extreme, arch-hedonistic and treacherous of a degree beyond comprehension.

The Zionist is also a coward and will never fight a fair fight, and in the heat of battle will always collapse, always relent: and will even hide and run away. This relates to the invasion by the Zionists of the occupied West Bank refugee arena, Jenin. Let us determine their degree of cowardice, as well as feebleness, from the following NYT report:

During the fighting in Jenin, home to about 14,000 Palestinian refugees, some 200 Palestinian gunmen battled for 10 days with a force of thousands of Israeli soldiers equipped with tanks, armored bulldozers, and antiaircraft guns.

Really, a mere 200 men with guns held off an army thousands strong without a single piece of armor to defend themselves?

The fake described, here, is about such attacks, as this assault occurred just a month or so prior to the fabricated bus bombing. Thus, on June 18, 2002, in the dark of the night Zionist elements, including the arch-treacherous Mossad with its Zaka collaborators made a ruse, in this case faking a nighttime bus-bombing attack.

Here is the exact information published by the Zionists about the hoax bus attack:

The Patt junction bus bombing was a suicide bombing on an Egged bus carried out by Hamas in Jerusalem on June 18, 2002, killing 19 people and wounding over 74. Seventeen of the dead were residents of Gilo.

Now, that is a great amount of dead and wounded, nearly 100 in all. Yet, it is said regarding this arch-fake that there really was a bombing with a real suicide bomber and that such a person actually detonated himself, causing mass carnage:

His explosive belt included metal balls for shrapnel in order to maximize casualties (and) More than 50 people were wounded by the bomb, which ripped off the top of the bus from front to back, blew out its sides, and scattered ball bearings, glass and human remains into the street..

It sounds ominous enough. Yet, not a word of it is true. Consider the following image taken at the ‘bus site.’ Look at it, and look at it well. What about the image looks like a strike by a ball-bearing or shard of glass or piece of shrapnel?

The Zionists attempted to make this appear as if this was a ball-bearing strike. Instead, it looks fake, merely staged. Look at the nicely cut pant leg. See also the lack of any wounds. What about that eye. Oh, my God, her eye. Oh how horrible:

Does anyone see any impact wound, blunt trauma, or lacerations? It’s a glaring fake, mere moulage: simply water soluble paint applied. There are no wounds to be seen anywhere. Her eye is fully intact. That’s not blood but, rather, applied red matter. The Zionists even use their youth to commit such treachery.

Even so, based on this lie the criminal Zionist agents used this as a false provocation to further attack and brutalize the Palestinians, in this case sending in occupation troops and tanks, once again, into the Palestinian refugee region of Jenin. Yet, this is itself a cover-up for the previous arch-Zionist crimes, committed against the people of this town in April through June. Then, through a plot orchestrated by the war criminal Ariel Sharon the region was assaulted by Zionist mercenaries. During this assault hundreds of Palestinians were slaughtered, including a number of children. In one case the child-murder was caught on tape, as Israeli tank operators opened fire on children running away to safety. This led to the deaths of six-year-old Ahmad Abu Aziz and his 13-year-old brother Jamil.

Image result for Ahmad Abu Aziz ; 13-year-old brother Jamil; j; images

Here is an image of the brother of these two youthful martyrs holding up their photo. Yet, as is typical of the lying, thieving Zionists they attempted a macabre cover-up, claiming that, incredibly, “the tank crew opened fire to deter Palestinians breaking a curfew and approaching them.” Yet, per all sources, including the BBC, actual footage “shows a tank firing the first of two shells (intentionally), at close range, at a group of civilians who are running away.”

Now, these are real youths who were slaughtered. Clearly, then, to cover these crimes Jewish agents then committed this hoax.

So, how does the following image compare to the Zionist treachery committed in Jenin?

Image result for bus; jerusalem; bombing; 2002; images; suicide

What is seen, here? Is this really an Israeli baby? Of course, it isn’t. Look how artificial appears the forehead. It is nothing other than a doll, a mere cadaver dummy:

By the way, where are the wounds on this fake Jewish dummy? Does anyone see any shrapnel impact or bomb-blast damage? Compare this fraud to the real terror that occurs, the slaughter of Palestinian innocents by American-made Israeli bombs:

Image result for pratt bus; bombing; June 18; 2002; israel; images

Regardless, as proven by the staged victim list no Israeli children were listed as fatalities.

What did the Zionists do with the bus? They shipped to the United States to show off to the churches, to fully bamboozle the American public into believing in their scam.

The charred remains of the bus were shipped to America and displayed at the biannual Jewish Expo fair in New York at the initiative of Zaka, an Israeli rescue and body parts recovery organization whose volunteers scrape up fragments of blood and flesh from bomb scenes for burial in keeping with Jewish law. Zaka said its aim was to increase awareness of its work and show the effects of suicide bombings.

As well, war criminal and genocidal terrorist Ariel Sharon showed up on-site.

Image result for bombing; bus; jerusalem; israel; June 18; 2002; images;

The victims list, too, proves the arch-fake:

This is an image from a different ‘bus bombing.’ It looks like this is a dummy, too:

Image result for bombing; bus; jerusalem; israel; June 18; 2002; images;

How is this a real human head? Where are the bomb-blast injuries? It looks staged, because this is what it is.

Yet, regarding the 2002 issue it is said that “More than 50 people were wounded by the bomb, which ripped off the top of the bus from front to back, blew out its sides, and scattered ball bearings, glass and human remains into the street…”

Once again, see how the Zionists operate: “The bombing prompted an Israeli military raid into the West Bank late tonight.”

This was also used as a false provocation to systematically attack Yasir Arafat. For instance, it was said that Mr. Arafat ‘had to be dealt with and had to go,’ while said arch-Zionist extremist Michael Kleiner, “For every Jew who is buried as a result of an attack, we must make sure 1,000 Palestinians are killed.”

Here are some of the supposed eyewitness accounts. They are hardly believable. In fact, reading them confirms the degree of the fraud and deception:

With a friend, Aviel Moyal, 12, had just gotten off another bus when he heard the blast. “We ran back to the bus to see if there were any kids there from the school,” he said. “We saw a friend lying on the ground bleeding. He had holes in his body. His eyes were closed and he said that everything would be all right.”

The dead 11-year-old was identified as Galila Rugla. One of her classmates, Gal Peretz, told Israeli television: “We looked at her desk, and there was no one sitting there. So we imagined we can see here walking through the door…




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